When I awoke this morning and felt the soft sheets against my skin, I asked myself a question. “What would it be like to really receive these sheets that have caressed my body all night?” I felt into every pore of my skin. I noticed feeling into my skin, how the sheets that were a bit crumpled felt different to where they were smooth. I brought my awareness and attention to my toes. Feeling the sensation in my toes as I felt the sheet stretched over them. How that felt different to my lower back. I felt a lot more and arose feeling more awake and alive than I’d felt five minutes before.

Experience More Sensuality

We live in an amazingly sensual world. All that’s required to experience more sensuality in your life is to have the intention to do so, then…

  • Slow down
  • Feel
  • Receive

Try this experiment for yourself today. And see at the end of the day how much more alive, connected and sensual you feel…

In Everything You Encounter

In everything you encounter, consciously receive. Receive the clothes on your body. What do they feel like against your skin? Open up to receive the touch of the air on any skin that’s exposed to it. If you hold the steering wheel in your car today, receive it. See what difference that makes to your driving experience. Notice what that newspaper you read actually feels like.
Really receive every cup of coffee you drink today. Receive the texture of the hard surface of the cup against your soft lips. The rich aroma. As you drink, receive the coffee fully, feel it in every pore of your tongue, the roof of your mouth, your throat.

Discover for yourself what a wonderful sensual experience something as simple can be!

Deeply Connect With Your Body And Your Sensuality

In our culture, so much is hyped up, speeded up and insane. Do you find you live in your head, running on adrenalin? If so, it could add so much to your health, peace of mind and sanity to take time to slow down from time to time. To connect with your body and your sensuality. Try it and you might notice some surprising and welcome changes take place within and around you.

One way to connect deeply with your body and experience more sensuality is through Divine Ground Tantra Massage. A 2 or 3 hour immersion in bliss. We live in such an incredibly sensual world. Wouldn’t it be a shame to get to the end of your life never having tasted all the sweetness it has to offer you?

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