What Is Tantra Massage?

If you ask a dozen different practitioners that question you’d probably get a dozen different answers! Tantra Massage dates back approximately 7,000 years. Numerous strands and schools of Tantra have developed since that time, all with their own unique flavour. You need to choose one that resonates for you. There’s no one-size fits all.

To answer the question What is Tantra Massage I will speak solely to what I do, which is Divine Ground Tantra Massage.

What Is ‘Divine Ground’ Tantra Massage?

The name ‘Divine Ground’ Tantra massage comes from the recognition that your very being is Divine Ground. Not just your physical body but your mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual self. Divine Ground; not to be trespassed or trampled on. Churches and States over centuries have conspired to keep the masses from this realisation. To keep you, I, and millions who’ve gone before us, controlled and disempowered through the control of our sexuality. By cutting us off from our own natural God-given flow of the most powerful energy on the planet.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage Is A Gentle, Sensual, Healing Ritual

Divine Ground Tantra Massage works to get this flow moving freely again within your being. To integrate all parts of yourself which can become fragmented in a culture ridden with fear, guilt and shame around sexuality. It is a gentle, sensual, healing ritual that connects you deeply with your own power and the bliss that is your birthright.

All Parts Of The Body Are Sacred

Divine Ground Tantra Massage consists mainly of:

  • Long, sensual, flowing strokes on the body.
  • A series of touches to open energy channels within your being.
  • Touch that aims to consciously connect your potent sexual energy with your heart. To flow this into the higher energy centres in your body and into every cell. To give you a different experience of your sexual energy and its true potential. After all, it is the most powerful energy on the planet. If you’re not using it to co-create new life, you can use it to fuel your own!

The massage is normally practiced with both giver and receiver in the nude. All parts of the body are sacred so no parts of the body are left out or shamed by being ignored. How can a so-called ‘holistic’ massage be truly holistic if it leaves out the parts of the body that are so sacred they can co-create new life? In Divine Ground Tantra Massage, all parts of your body temple receive the same warm, loving, nourishing touch.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage Can Bring About A Profound Healing And Integration

Your breath can make all the difference to the experience you have with this massage as it’s the breath that moves your energy throughout your being. It’s no problem if you’ve never done any breathwork before. It’s very simple and something you will be gently guided into.

When you can fully surrender to your breath, to loving touch, to the energy moving within your being, it can bring about a new sense of appreciation for yourself and a deep deep relaxation. It can bring about the profound healing and integration that your mind, body, soul and sexuality may have been craving for years, if not decades. This is Divine Ground Tantra Massage.

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