What is tantra massage

Tantra massage is an ancient life-changing form of bodywork. Much more than a full body massage, but a blissful sacred healing ritual.

One in which stress melts away and time stands still as you let go into an embodied experience of the powerful integration of your body, mind, heart, sex and soul.

In which you can feel deeply, in every cell of your being, the truth that there is no separation between sex and spirit, and your sexuality is divine. 

Tantra massage is a delightful way to realign those parts of yourself which become fragmented in a culture riddled with fear, guilt and shame around sexuality. 

It is a gentle, sensual, healing ritual that connects you deeply with your love, power, and the bliss that is your birthright.

What Tantra Massage Has To Offer You...

Of course there are many types of relaxing massage for you to choose from if you’re just looking for a massage. But authentic Tantra massage therapy  offers you so much more...

  • Healing.
  • Pleasure.
  • Empowerment.
  • Lessen sexual performance anxiety.
  • Enhance current or future intimate relationships.
  • Personal and spiritual growth.
  • Reduction of stress and tension, through a combination of breathing, meditation and receiving conscious touch.
  • Overcoming unhealthy fear, guilt or shame around your sexual energy.
  • A transformative, embodied experience of true alignment and integration. Of the divinity inherent in your sexuality.

Did you know that your potent sexual energy, life-force energy, when powerfully connected to your heart and awareness is one of your greatest gifts? 

Tragically, many men wander through life never having any understanding, much less experience of this truth. And live their entire life feeling more angst than ease around their sexuality. Feeling more frustration than pleasure, and more lonely than connected.

And die never knowing...

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A Delicious Encounter

Divine Ground Tantra massage is a delicious encounter with the sacredness of your sexuality. An opportunity to own the truth of your being; that you're a magnificent expression of the divine life-force, a divine conduit of love and power in a sacred male body.

The massage is one of long, sensual, flowing strokes on the body. Although a luscious physical massage, it is also working on your energy body. With a specific series of touches to open energy channels within your being. 

This touch encourages and stimulates you to consciously connect and merge your potent sexual energy with your heart centre energy of love, compassion and courage. Then to flow this into every cell in your being. 

An Expanded Experience Of Your Sexual Energy

So you can have an expanded experience of your sexual energy. Which goes way beyond what your society dumbs men down to believe about that.

Your sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet. So if you’re not using it to co-create new life, learn how to use it to fuel your own!

You'll learn how to do this in a Divine Ground Tantra massage.

All Parts Of The Body Are Hel​​​​d Sacred In A Tantra Massage​​​​

The massage is normally practiced  with both giver and receiver in the nude. All parts of the body are sacred so no parts of the body are left out or shamed by being ignored.

How can a so-called ‘holistic’ massage be truly holistic if it leaves out the parts of the body that are so sacred they can co-create new life? In Tantra Massage, all parts of your body temple receive the same warm, loving, nourishing touch.

When you can fully surrender to your breath, to loving touch, to the energy moving within your being, it can bring about a new sense of appreciation for yourself and a deep relaxation.

It can bring about the profound healing and integration that your mind, body, soul and sexuality may have been craving for years, if not decades.

Let Go Into Conscious, Heavenly, Sensual Touch

A Tantric massage is a blissful 2 to 3 hours of pure relaxation, in which you’re emotionally and physically held safe, so you can.

  • Completely let go into conscious, heavenly, sensual touch.
  • Calm your mind and open up to the life-force energy flowing freely through your body.
  • Go deep into an exquisite experience of your own bliss as this energy expands throughout your entire being.
  • Experience the luminous integration of your body, heart, mind, sex and spirit.
  • Feel that profound sense of going ‘home’ to your true self, that your soul is longing for.

This respectful, exquisite experience includes breathwork, meditation, an ancient eye-gazing ritual, honouring ritual, lingam massage, and if requested, prostate massage.

If you've ever seen an acupuncture chart, you'll have noticed the energy pathways (meridians) in the body. The long, flowing strokes in a Tantric massage help to move stagnant energy (Chi) so that it can flow more freely throughout your body.

This flow of life energy in every cell in your being leaves you feeling magnificent. As you awaken to what you've always known deep in your soul...that there's no split between sex and spirit.

In that recognition is the healing of a core wound, in which you take back your power from any old beliefs or programming that no longer serves you. This sense of freedom can greatly enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

How can you know if Divine Ground Tantra Massage is right for you, right now?

It IS For You Now If You…

  • Desire to have a healthy, vibrant, holistic, confident relationship with your sexual self, regar-dless of what it’s been like in the past.
  • Know it’s time now to heal the hurt from your early religious or societal conditioning which inhibits your full healthy expression today. 
  • Had your confidence crushed during past relationships or difficult break-ups and want to get it back.
  • Wish to feel nurtured and held during a time of grief or loss.
  • Are missing connection, pleasure, touch, intimacy, and your entire body being touched with loving kindness.
  • Want a blissful experience of integrating your body, mind, heart, sex and soul.
  • Desire to expand orgasmic pleasure.
  • Struggle with porn, compulsive masturbation, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Have an open heart.
  • Yearn to heal body shame; especially that related to penis size or shape.
  • Have an embodied experience of the integration of body, mind, heart, sex and spirit.

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