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What Happens If I Get An Erection In A Divine Ground Tantra Massage?


It's a worry, isn't it?

The embarrassment of getting an erection where you're not sure it would be welcome.


Any fear or worry will only get in the way of you being able to enjoy your Divine Ground Tantra Massage to the full and to get the most from it.

Only when you have that question answered will you have a chance of being able to relax and enjoy. Because it's impossible to surrender to deep pleasure and bliss before your mind and body are relaxed and at ease.

We live in a shame-based culture.

The shaming around sexuality is cruel. Was that something you grew up with?

Were you ever punished or shamed for getting an erection at a inopportune moment?

If so, it's the most normal feeling in the world to want to protect yourself from that ever happening again.

At least you'd want to be certain that if it did happen again that you'd be in a safe space where you wouldn't feel shamed or judged?

If anything, a Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a place in which you can begin to heal from shame and begin to live a deeper, fuller, healthier relationship with your sexuality.

Living In Peace With Your Sexuality

It's time for you to live more at peace with your sexuality and to connect with all the love, joy and bliss within you. To heal the core wound of the split between your sex and spirit and your heart and your genitals. Now is the time for you to have a felt, embodied experience of your sexuality as something natural and normal.

So here's the definitive answer to the question...

"What will happen if I get an erection during a Divine Ground Tantra Massage?"

Next time you get an erection, look at it. Really look at it. Take it all in with fresh eyes, innocent eyes. With eyes uncontaminated by lies that there's anything wrong, bad or sinful about your body.

Now look down at the head or glans of your lingam and you'll notice that the head, on the side that's furthest from your body, is actually shaped like a heart. This is on the side that faces your partner when you have an erection.

This is very easy to see if you're circumcised as it will be staring at you! If you're not, you'll need to pull back the foreskin to see it, but it's there.

The Big Lie

There is a lie in our culture which has done enormous damage and created so much fear, guilt and shame. This is the lie that your lingam is not intimately connected with your heart.

It is SO connected that lest you forget the truth of this, it's encoded in your very flesh.

heart drawn in sand

Seriously, how can anyone look at a lingam without acknowledging the design as a work of divine genius!

The Truth Written On Your Body

Our culture has trained you to disconnect from your genital/heart/soul connection, from the power of this and it continues to do so. Yet lies can't stand in the presence of truth forever. 

The truth is written on your body, that your lingam is intimately connected with your heart. 

When you see this you may find it difficult to ever look at or think about your lingam in the way you once used to.

Learn To Love Your Lingam

You'll develop a respect for your lingam that you've never had before. This will show in other areas of your life as you learn to truly love your lingam. Rather than bullying it into satisfying the demands of your ego mind.

Your whole life can transform with awareness of this connection or is it more correct to say, fusion?

The Light Of Truth

So you see, Tantra acknowledges the sacredness of your lingam. Whether it's erect or not, that doesn't matter. The worry about having an erection comes from old conditioning that can hold no power against the light of truth.

In the face of truth, how can shame hold any power over you? Like turning on a light in a dark room, the darkness melts away.

sci-fi fantasy man gazing at sea

Seeing Your Erection In A Whole New Light

So how does it feel to see your lingam, your erection in a whole new light?

What's happening in your body right now? Does it feel more relaxed knowing what you know now? Has your mind become more peaceful, calm, at ease?

To feel your entire body touched with love, with acceptance, is a beautiful experience, one you can expect from a Divine Ground Tantra Massage.

Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of this today?


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  1. This is both informative and an enjoyable read. Why? it should allow you leave old ideas that led to shame and guilt aside. Life is for living loving and enjoying

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