February 13

What Can I Expect In A Tantra Massage? Are There Different Stages From Start To Finish?


It's vital that you have clear sense of what to expect in a Tantra massage. Only then can you really relax enough to get the most from your experience.

There are different stages from start to finish...


In a Divine Ground Tantra Massage you have the option of a 2 or 3 hour session.

At first you may think that's a long session, but you'd be amazed at how that time flies!

If you've grown up in a western culture, you've been well trained to live in your head. So it could take you a while to relax into and connect with your body to begin with.

To get the most benefit from your session it's essential to make this connection.

For you to relax and unwind from all the activity of your day or your week.

So what happens in a Divine Ground Tantra Massage?

At the end of each post on every Tantra Massage FAQ you'll see (if you're not already a subscriber) where you can access all the details of this, along with all the other basic information you need.

This includes...

  • What Actually Happens During A Divine Ground Tantra Massage?
  • How To Prepare, To Get The Most From Your Session.
  • Fees, Location, And Booking Information.

And a Special Bonus:

  • 3 Red Hot Ways Tantra Massage Can Revitalise Your Relationship And Bring Passion Back To Your Bedroom.

Because it's not enough to know what happens in a session. There are some recommendations about preparing for your appointment. These will help you to get the maximum benefit from our time together. 

You also need to know the location and the session fees. 

What happens in a session is incomplete information without the other essentials!

Which is why I've put all this together in one place for you.


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