A sexually sovereign being will never engage in a connection with another without their mind, heart, gut and genitals all being in alignment with “Yes”.

A Sexually Sovereign Man

A sexually sovereign man will never have sex with a woman because it’s expected or he thinks it’s expected of him. Or because he has some idea about not letting her down. Or because he’s trying to live up to a destructive societal myth of what it is to be a man.

A Sexually Sovereign Woman

A sexually sovereign woman will never have sex with a man to please, placate, cajole or manipulate. Or because she’s afraid of losing him if she says “No”. Or because she feels obligated in a relationship.


The root of all the above common behaviours is self-abandonment. It can lead to; women experiencing little or no sexual desire, often shutting down sexually; men losing their sex drive or having difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. There’s often a feeling of a deep soul loss.

Becoming Sovereign

If you’re questioning right now the level of self-abandonment you may be experiencing in your own life, what can you do to take your power back, become truly sovereign to yourself?

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  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Congratulate yourself for having a level of awareness that’s powerful and uncommon.
  • Recognise that what you’re aware of you can change.
  • Observe yourself as you abandon yourself in different situations. Once you start looking you’ll find plenty of them to practice with!
  • By the powerful act of observing, you’ll discover change happens. There’s no need to force change.


Experience Your Sovereignty

Someday you’ll find yourself responding differently to a situation, to a request. Responding from your truth. On this day you will experience your sovereignty. It will feel satisfying, authentic, powerful, and natural. Your relationship with self-abandonment will be changed forever.

Once you taste the sweetness, the fullness, of a moment of self-sovereignty you’ll know what it is to come home to yourself and you’ll never want to leave again.

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