Want Change?

For Your Future To Be Different To Your Past...

Something Needs To Change In The Present! 

Why do we hold on with such commitment to that which robs us of spirit and makes us utterly miserable?
We deserve happiness, and above all we deserve creativity and the chance to become all that we could become. 
The possibilities for change within us are absolutely endless."

John O'Donohue

If you're eager to create change, and enjoy more meaningful sex and relationships, I'm delighted to offer you...

Gain Sexual Confidence Package

It doesn't take much for your sexual confidence to take a battering. If yours has, is it time now to seek to regain it? Or discover it for the first time?

Be Present In Your Body Package

Do you sometimes feel you’re just going through the motions during sex? That you're more in your head than in your body when making love? Would you love to feel again?

Empower Your Erection Package

If your doctor can find no reason for your erectile dissatisfaction, are you ready to explore a new way to empower your erection, to begin a new chapter in your life?

Survive Your Sexless Marriage Package

The frustration and sense of rejection can wear down the most resolute soul over time, and spill into other areas of life. What do you need right now to survive and thrive, given your unique circumstances?

Empowered Celibacy Package

Whether you're following a chosen life-long or temporary path of celibacy, or find circumstances have led you onto it, is it time to explore how you can live an empowered, alive celibacy?

Conquering Porn Package

Has an occasional dalliance with porn become something more for you? Would you love to take your power, and your life, back from its clutches?

Any Of The Above Packages...

  • Are One-to-One, and confidential.
  • Available as a 6 or 10 session package.
  • Via Zoom worldwide, or in person in Ireland.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes duration.

Last Longer In Bed Program

This is for you if you're committed to not just learning how to last longer in bed, but to actually enjoy the process! Going way beyond just lasting longer, this is the ultimate program if you want to learn how to...

  • Last longer in bed.
  • Powerfully transform your relationship with your sexuality.
  • Be more present to and connect more deeply with your partner.
  • Enjoy relaxed arousal as your default, rather than tension and tightness.
  • Feel more confident in yourself as a man.
  • Do the opposite to what you normally do that primes your body to ejaculate before you or your partner want you to.
  • Be fully present in your body, rather than distracted by thoughts of worry.
  • Experience pleasure in every moment.
  • Calm your racing mind, and all the thoughts like "I hope this won't be like the last time".
  • Enhance the experience of lovemaking for your partner that goes way beyond lasting longer.
  • Let go of the fear of ejaculating too soon that keeps you locked out of the bedroom banquet you could be savoring.

The 'Last Longer In Bed' Program

  • Is One-to-One, and confidential.
  • Is an 8 week program.
  • Via Zoom worldwide, or in person in Ireland.
  • Is an intensive program for those committed to learning how to 'last longer'.
  • Is ideal for those who believe they've tried 'everything'!
  • Consists of 4 x 90 minute sessions, 4 x 60 minute sessions, and 6 x 15 minute mid-week check-in calls.
  • You'll receive full instruction in the self-pleasuring practice that's an essential part of this program. There is no nudity in these sessions. The practice is for you to enjoy daily between sessions at home.
  • Includes educational and instructional PDFs 
  • This is not suitable for those who aren't prepared to commit to the 20 minutes daily practice that this program requires.  

"My #1 tool of choice for creating change is Clinical, Evidence-based EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
Because EFT works with both the conscious and subconcious mind, and on the emotional and energetic contributing factors of any issue. Those factors which hold the key to creating real change within, which men have been culturally conditioned to ignore."

Abi O'Donovan

So what exactly is EFT, how does it work, and most importantly, is there any actual science behind it?

Oh Yes!

"In fact, over 100 scientific papers about EFT have been published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals that include over 50 randomized controlled trials, 5 meta analyses, outcome studies, and review articles." 
EFT Tapping Training Institute.

What Is EFT?

By EFT Master Trainers of Trainers, Craig Weiner DC and Alina Frank.

Science Of Tapping Film

Watch a short film on EFT by leading researchers from around the world.

EFT, Energy Psychology and Tapping Studies, Abstracts, Papers, and Articles


Where are you located?

About 30 minutes south of Dublin in Ireland. In the GMT time zone.

Do you only work with men?

You may discover more about the evolution of my work here https://integratesexandspirit.com/manifesto/ and how I came to work primarily with men. But I'm open to working with individuals of any gender or orientation.
I don't work with couples but I'm in touch with some fabulous relationship coaches, who I'd be more than happy to pass on their website addresses if asked.

I'm not sure which package to go for. How do I decide?

Few things in life are clear cut and it's not at all unusual to hear this! Please book your free 15 minute consultation call so I can hear more about what you'd like to achieve from working with me. At the end of the day, getting clear on and moving towards that is what counts!

Or if you prefer to email me please do using the form below, thank you.

I don't see a package that fits what I'm looking for! What if I'm looking something else? Can you help?

Please book a free 15 minute consultation call so I can hear more about what you're looking for. If I believe I can help you, I'll tell you. If I believe I can't, I'll tell you. Or if you prefer to email me please do using the form below, thank you.

Is there a guarantee this will work?

I bring the best of all I have and am to the work I do with you, so that you may get the maximum benefit from working with me. However, the work is a collaborative process. The results you get, as with any coaching program, will depend on your participation in the process as much as mine. So no guarantee is given or implied.

Is there anything I need to be doing between sessions?

You will need to devote a few minutes a day to EFT and embodiment practice, something that even the busiest person can find time for if they want to achieve results!

If you're participating in the 'Last Longer In Bed' program you will need a minimum of 20 minutes each day for all that this intensive program entails.

If you prefer to get in touch via email....

Please let me know in a few sentences below, what you'd like help with.