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Am I Too Old For Divine Ground Tantra Massage?


This question is often asked by many who’ve afterwards exclaimed “Why did I wait so long to experience this?”

From the cradle to the grave, loving touch is something that affirms, heals and soothes. There isn’t an age at which your capacity to receive and enjoy conscious touch ceases.


So the good news is...

Age is no barrier to you experiencing the pleasure of Divine Ground Tantra Massage because you can enjoy the delight of receiving loving touch at any age. Of surrendering to the pulse of your own sacred sexual life-force energy. 

You're never too old to enjoy the sweetness of the integration of your mind, body, heart, sex and spirit. 

Your entire body receives touch in a Divine Ground Tantra massage and there’s nothing to give back, no-one to please. This can allow you, regardless of age, to drop deep into receiving like never before. 

Touch Is Essential - Whatever Your Age!

Have you only experienced loving touch as part of a sexual encounter before? 

When the sex is gone, touch is often absent too.

Touch is essential to keeping your nervous system tuned. The desire to receive loving, sensual touch is a normal healthy desire to have.

If you’re in a relationship, Divine Ground Tantra massage can be a fabulous way to…

Discover the deep pleasure to you can experience by slowing waaaay down, which you can then take into your relationship.

Open Up To A Whole New World

Let go of any attachment to the old friction based model of sensual pleasure and open up to a whole new world of rich sensation and delight.

Because it's time for you to experience your sexuality in a much more expanded way.

To heal the split between your sex and spirit and your genitals and your heart. While allowing any fear, guilt and shame you may have grown up through to dissolve.

man with question mark

Does your body, heart and soul crave conscious, loving touch? A sense of deep connection to yourself? Do you have a desire to be fully present to yourself, to life? 

You can have this at any age...

Many men in their 70s or 80s have taken on a new lease of life after a few Divine Ground Tantra massage sessions.

Are you a man of advanced age keen to engage in another relationship? If so, Divine Ground Tantra massage is highly recommended as it’s a powerful way to have your need for touch and presence met in a healthy way between relationships.

It can offer you an alternative to jumping into destructive or painful relationships, which you may have seen some of your friends do, out of desperation to have their normal, natural need for touch met.

Divine Ground Tantra massage is not about shallow sexual gratification, or performance. In advancing age it’s a wonderful way to open up to a whole new cycle of your sexual/spiritual evolution.

With each decade we age, we also evolve. In our youth obsessed culture that’s sometimes forgotten!

mature couple by the sea

Here's what you need to know...

In some respects age has distinct advantages in receiving Divine Ground Tantra massage. Anxieties around performance often plague younger men yet don’t affect men of advanced years in quite the same way.

You may delight in the discovery that you can relax in ways younger men find difficult. And so surrender more easily into the deep bliss of your own being.

Have you got to a point in your life where you realise you’ve more life behind you than in front of you? What is there you’d love to experience that you haven’t yet done? 

Did you grow up getting the message that your sexuality was a problem (or a sin) rather than a gift? If so, you may find you've some peace-making you'd love to do around that.

I’ve worked with many men in their 60s, 70s and beyond. Some who’ve never or rarely experienced sexual, sensual pleasure with themselves or another. Some who’ve never had the experience of being naked with a woman before. 

The healing I’ve seen these brave men experience has been humbling to say the least. 

Here's a question to ask yourself...

You will leave this world, leave your body some day. Will you leave it in peace or with unfinished business? 

man drawing a heart on the beach

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a way for you to connect with a deep peace within that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. And live the rest of your life in peace with your deepest self. 

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a way for you to come home to yourself. To experience the divinity inherent in your body, in your sexuality. To connect deeply with your body and with the truth that you are a sexual/sensual/spiritual being. Integrated. Whole and complete.

In truth, is this something you could ever be too old for? Whatever your age, you have a capacity to receive and enjoy conscious touch.

Sensual, healing, loving touch.


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  1. I had my first Tantra Massage with Abi when I was 66 years old, some four years ago. I was having some worries about changes that were impacting my physical relationship with my wife and they were of major concern and worry for me.

    This first visit to Abi had an amazing impact on me, she introduced me to to a whole new world of sensual pleasure that up to this point I did not know existed.

    I have been thinking about putting together some words about the impact of the appointments I have had, but I decided that this article explains everything I could possibly need to have such a wonderful relationship, that I continue to have with my wife. Instead of worrying about the changes that occur as I grow older, I am looking forward to the wonderful possibilities that Divine Ground Tantra Massage provides me with.
    Many thanks Abi x

    1. Hi John,

      Many thanks for your comment. I’m delighted to know how Divine Ground Tantra Massage has contributed to your relationship and that you’re looking forward to more wonderful possibilities! That’s exciting!

      The sexual orthodoxy of today is so narrow, limiting and pressurising that it has taken much of the carefree joy and pleasure out of lovemaking for many. I so love to hear of someone encountering within themselves ‘a whole new world of sensual pleasure’. There’s a whole evolution that goes with that isn’t there? I so believe that ‘world of sensual pleasure’ is within everyone, although often unrecognized and untapped.

      I often think of the different world we’d live in if when men and women got to a certain age they decided “It’s time for more pleasure now”! And why not? We’re sensual sexual beings until the day we leave these bodies so let’s say “Yes” to all that we are and enjoy all that’s part of that experience!

      Warmest regards,
      Abi x

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