The Disease Of Reasonable: What’s Its True Cost To You Today?

There is a peculiar affliction that humans in society suffer from, the disease of reasonable. Rarely are individuals encouraged to be authentic, daring and inspiring. Instead, polite society tends to put being ‘reasonable’ high on its list of desirable virtues.

Nothing Great Was Ever Created Out Of It

Reasonable should rhyme with tepid, insipid, and wishy-washy because that’s what it truly is. Nothing great was ever created out of it, or ever will be. It’s the default position of the vapid character who cries “Peace at any cost!” What if the price is a life marred by mental and emotional abuse? Decades spent in a soul-destroying, life-sucking situation? Not standing up and wielding the sword of truth when called to, out of a fear of not being seen as reasonable? Hostages to approval are great advocates of ‘reasonable’.

Reasonable Is Fuelled By Fear, Not Love

Reasonable is a trickster that always takes more than it gives. It’s a death process, a self–betrayal. Part of you dies each time you allow yourself to be seduced by it. When told that you should be more reasonable, ask “Why?” Every four year old knows this is a great question.

The agenda of those who urge you to be reasonable should always be questioned. It’s seldom an expansive one. Reasonable is fuelled by fear, not love.

Life Is Too Short To Be Reasonable

What if instead of choosing “Let’s be reasonable”, you were to choose “Let’s see what’s really going on here, let’s shine light on this situation, let’s be expansive, let’s see what else is possible”.

Life isn’t reasonable. The current of life-force energy brings birth to one as it brings death to another in the same moment. It can’t be argued with or reasoned with. It’s to be ridden, flowed with, knowing life is too short to be reasonable, too short to be anything less than lived full out. Let the chips fall where they may.

Sometimes ‘Unreasonable’ Is A Healthier Choice

There’s no vaccine for the disease of reasonable. To diagnose how much you’ve been infected with it, take stock of your life. Do you feel excited about and grateful for what’s in your life today? The possibilities for your future? Do you confidently march to the beat of your own drum?

If not, it might be worth taking a look at whether you’ve sacrificed too much of your life on the altar of reasonable. It might be time to learn that unreasonable is sometimes a healthier, more life-affirming and loving choice.

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joe says October 3, 2016

Hello Abi
I have been reading your article on reasonable. I think i might be guilty.
You seem like a very interesting lady and maybe you might be able help me
I will call you to make an appointment
Thanks Joe

    Abi O'Donovan says October 5, 2016

    Hi Joe,

    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

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