The Cure For Loneliness

Post last updated on 25th September 2018.

Loneliness is not caused by lack of contact with people as much as it is by lack of connection to ourselves. To our divine ground. Sometimes the easiest place to feel lonely is in a relationship or in a crowd. The cure for loneliness is not other people. The cure for loneliness is deep and profound contact with the Self.

Our society constantly encourages people to live outside the Self. Do you ever find yourself looking outside yourself for what it is that you’ve been told would make you ‘happy’? A new partner, more sex, more money, a better house, a nicer car, holidays, more consumer goods and gadgets.


Think about a time you wanted something badly, that you made a lot of effort to get. Then something else appeared on your radar and you pursued that, and on and on it goes. The root of this dynamic is pure desire, which is a wonderful thing. When we’re desiring we’re in touch with the heartbeat of the universe. We feel more alive, turned on. It’s a beautiful thing. We naturally have desires not just for things and experiences, but desires to contribute, to make a difference, to know that what we do in life has meaning, that there’s a purpose for our existence, that we matter.

Yet when this wondrous force of desire sprouts from a state of inner disconnection and dissatisfaction it can become a relentless craving for things and experiences, for a feeling of power and control over the lives of others. This may keep the wheels of commerce turning and it may seem ‘normal’ because it’s how so many people function. But it’s a lonely and ultimately deeply unfulfilling, painful way to live.


Fulfilment and dissatisfaction can’t occupy the same space. When you’re feeling fulfilled you’re back in touch with your power. Your power to discern and decide what YOU truly want in your life instead of unconsciously striving for ‘more’. That is society’s agenda, which can never make you truly happy. It never has, has it?

Connecting To The Love That Lies Within

Divine Ground Tantra Massage can offer you an experience of profound body and soul pleasure, deep fulfilment and bliss. If you’re feeling the pain of loneliness, alienation and isolation, the pain of feeling unloved, isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of an embodied experience of connection to your true Self, to the love that lies within. It’s what your soul longs for, for you to come home to yourself. To embrace and celebrate all parts of you, all the things that make you unique, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable. You matter, deeply.

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