It was a beautiful experience to have a Tantra massage with Abi. 

Naturally I was nervous. I guess I had concerns about premature ejaculation, and not being able to last long. I worry that I’m not large enough to please a woman. But having seen Abi’s website and her client testimonials about how kind, caring and helping she was, I plucked up the courage to make contact with her and make a booking.

The Session Exceeded My Expectations

I had one session with Abi. It was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. I’m thinking back now to how incredible it was at the start when she held me in her arms, hugged me and let me hug her.

The power of touch that we are so missing in our lives, just to be held and enjoy the comfort that brings. Then taking off my clothes and letting her see me naked and handing myself totally over to her.

My Trust In Her Is Complete

My trust in her is complete and enjoying her incredible massage, her caring, kindness and the wonderful pleasure of her touch. The session brought up lots of feelings I must have buried for a long time because I cried a lot. I could not stop the tears from flowing, my body was shaking,

I felt I had whole body orgasms and she held me while I cried and made me feel safe. And I felt safe with her.

The Session Helped Me To Last Longer

Even though I just had the one session with Abi and that was a while ago, the session helped me to be able to last longer while receiving pleasure or in self-pleasuring.

I learned to be more in the moment, not rushing to get the orgasm but to slow down and breathe. She taught me to relax and be present. She helped me so much in that regard

I would encourage any man if he has any concerns about any aspects of his sexuality to contact Abi and be reassured and guided by her to work through any issues in a safe and caring space.

I hope someday I will be able to experience another session like that with Abi again.

Learn more: Male Client, 38, Co. Kerry. “Abi has a lovely way about her that makes you feel you’ve known her all your life. The massage was just heavenly…”

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