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Can Divine Ground Tantra Massage Help With Premature Ejaculation?


Have you done the usual...

Watched a few YouTube videos which all promised a cure?

Followed a few tips you read online or in magazines?


Did you feel more confused than ever after that, or disappointed with the results of what you tried on your own?

You're not alone.

And the worst bit is, some of the advice given may make the problem worse. Seriously!

So Can Divine Ground Tantra​ Massage Help With Premature Ejaculation (P.E.)?

Here's the question...

  • Are you tinkering around the edges of the problem or are you committed to resolving it for once and for all?
  • Are you fed up with one embarrassing, unsatisfying experience of sex after another?
  • With every sexual encounter creating more anxiety for you than pleasure?
  • Have you and/or your partner given up on sex because of your premature ejaculation? 
  • Do you avoid sexual intimacy because what you see as repeated failure is just too painful to experience every time?
unhappy couple in bed

Or have you got to the point where you've made, or are ready to make, a decision to change it forever?

Premature ejaculation is one of those things that tends not to get better on its own. If anything it tends to get worse with time.

Has that been your experience up to now? Has yours got better as time's gone by, or worse no matter what you've tried to date?

It's totally understandable why you might seek out Tantra massage in the hope that it can help.

But you want to be sure it would work, don't you? That you wouldn't be wasting your time and money or be left feeling even more frustrated at having tried something else which didn't work.

So What's The Truth About Divine Ground Tantra Massage And Premature Ejaculation?

I'll tell you straight. Because I want you to break through; to live with P.E. as a memory, not your current or future reality. Because this is some of what you could be missing out on every day you don't...

  • Feeling powerful, confident and competent. 
  • Your partner's touch, as you move into sexual intimacy without anxiety or worry.
  • Feeling secure in a loving relationship, that works on all levels.
  • Seeing the warm smile of your happy, satisfied partner. ​
  • Feeling relaxed and at ease with yourself.
couple embracing

The Truth About Divine Ground Tantra Massage And Premature Ejaculation Is...

Some men come to Divine Ground Tantra Massage with a "Fix Me" attitude, expecting a fantasy outcome, that a couple of Tantra massage sessions alone will fix the problem.


It doesn't work like that.

Here's how it does work...

In any ad for any diet food, notice it will always include the following words. 'Can help weight control as part of a calorie controlled diet.'

Divine Ground Tantra Massage can help. But only as part of a programme of coaching, massage and homeplay. 

Men who commit with their whole heart to the solo homeplay tend to get results. This solo homeplay is the most important part.

If you're not prepared to do that, you may have a beautiful Tantra massage experience but don't expect it to do much for your premature ejac​​ulation in the long term. 

Because that's unrealistic - and that's the bottom line!

But Does It Take Ages To Get Results?

It doesn't have to take ages to get results. Read about Pat's mind-blowing experience here. He went from ejaculating immediately upon receiving intimate touch, to being able to last as long as he wanted to...

In 30 days!

Great sex is one of the undeniable joys of life that it would be a tragedy for you and your partner to miss out on because of P.E. Yet your past doesn't have to equal your future, you can turn it all around.

man standing tirumphant

Here's the first step...

Believing you can. As Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."

Believe you can - commit to doing what's worked for others.

If not, what will you do?

Settle for a mediocre sex life that leaves you and your partner feeling frustrated and more distant after lovemaking? Will you risk the eventual breakdown of your relationship?

Or if you're single,  will you settle for staying single, limping into your cold bed on your own every night? Missing out on all you could be enjoying in a healthy relationship, the affection, intimacy, companionship?

You Can Be Successful In Love, Sex & Intimacy

It doesn't have to be that way - you can be successful in love, sex and intimacy.

Is it worth 20 minutes of your day for 30 days to turn your P.E. and your life around?


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