My Relationship Was Suffering. 

After going through the menopause I felt like I’d hit a wall in relation to my sexuality. I’m in a long term relationship, my libido had dropped and my relationship was suffering. I’d been crying out for something or someone who could help me because it’s hard when you still love someone very much and go through this. I was also experiencing a lot of stress from work and from the daily pressures that go with having a busy family life and my energy was at an all-time low.


I’d grown up among women who were very repressed around their sexuality, especially my mother and grandmother. There was a lot of shame and fear around the whole subject. I’d been feeling there was a block in my body for years and knew it was connected to shame.

Tantra Massage Kildare:

Although I was a bit nervous thinking about going to see a woman, it felt important to me to seek out a woman to help me to unravel this. I believed that the healing would be all the more powerful if I was to do this work with another woman as I was dealing with being shamed by women.

The Tantra Massage Session Felt Sacred

I intuitively felt drawn to Tantra massage with Abi and despite the slight nervousness I felt when booking my first session I believed there would be a real healing in the experience. I’ve had two sessions with her at this stage, the first was about building trust and letting go into myself, into the experience.

Abi created such a safe space, asking me to just let go and receive. It was a very rare experience for me to receive with no expectation to reciprocate. Abi was so tuned in to what was happening in my body that there came a point where she gently suggested that perhaps that was enough for today.

This was startling as I was thinking in that moment that I’d gone as far as I felt comfortable with! The session felt sacred and I felt so safe with such a respectful and intuitive giver.

A Profound Opening

On the second session I felt so comfortable that I was easily able to let go and relax into the experience. I’ve done a lot of emotional and spiritual work on myself but the blocks were in my body. I knew that’s where the real healing needed to be done.

During this Tantra massage session I experienced a massive energetic and physical release in my body. There was a profound opening, releasing a lifetime of energetic blocks. I needed this healing experience and it felt important to me that I had this experience with a woman as it was women who shut me down.

My Sexual Energy Has Awoken

My relationship now is better than it’s been for a long time. My sexual energy has awoken and been revived. I’ve been able to let go with my partner in a way I never was before. Going to Abi was a life-changing experience for me. I felt nurtured, supported, affirmed, and have broken my shame around being a sexual woman.

I Felt Totally Safe

Abi is unbelievably gifted, a woman of deep integrity with a very pure and sacred gift. She’s so honouring and respectful of boundaries that I felt totally safe with her. If I hadn’t felt the sense of safety that I did, I know I would never have had the experience and the healing I did.

Since those two sessions I’ve felt such an opening around my sexuality, such a release in a place that felt so blocked. This bodywork is unique and invaluable. Abi is gentle, humble and unassuming, the gift she has is powerful.

I would highly recommend Abi to anyone. From my own experience I’d say that a couple of sessions with her would give a real boost to any woman of menopausal age and beyond, as although the body may change there’s still a girl inside!

Tantra Massage, Female Client, Co. Kildare.

Learn more – Tantra Massage, Female client, 41, Co. Wicklow. “Throughout each Tantra massage session, she (Abi) is totally is touch with my sensitivities, in fact she may be the most sensitive person towards me that I have ever met, she really tunes in with me.”

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