Too Painful To Continue In This Way.

I struggle with communication in intimate relationships, communicating my feelings, and a general fear of expressing myself verbally in intimate relationships. I can tend to have an inflated perception of those with whom I am intimately involved, usually thinking they are better or more valuable than myself and my own needs.

Over time, when my needs aren’t met, and combined with my fear of expressing myself, I usually withdraw, and then feel rejected, isolated, worthless, and resentful. It has become too painful to continue in this way, repeating the same patterns of withdrawal and isolation, and I feel compelled to challenge myself to release my fears and emotional obstacles which hold me back, and keep me stuck in life-long tendencies which don’t serve me at all.

Tantra Massage, Wicklow:

I met Abi last year and was very struck by her easy calming presence, and the absolute integrity which I felt from her. When I later heard she specialised in Tantra massage and was in Wicklow, I immediately felt drawn to booking a session with her. I felt she’s someone with whom I can work through my inner challenges as she is highly in tune sensitively and I feel a total trust around her.

Totally In Touch With My Sensitivities

For me, Abi is the perfect person for facilitating this inner work. I have had several sessions with her and plan to have several more. Each time I arrive for a session, I am extremely touched by the space which is so lovingly prepared…I immediately feel that sense of ‘I am home’ and I know that I am in the right place for me. I feel warm, and totally held, safe, and secure in her space, which strengthens my readiness for each session. Throughout each Tantra massage session, she is totally is touch with my sensitivities, in fact she may be the most sensitive person towards me that I have ever met, she really tunes in with me.

Since working with Abi, the challenges I experience are surfacing more, along with a simultaneous loosening out of some long held concepts, thought patterns, and behaviours. I have had a lot of inner observations which are very helpful in understanding myself more and realising that my fears are unnecessary. I am really looking forward to my continued journey with her in what I feel is the most important work in my life.

Would I recommend Abi to anyone? Resoundingly Yes! In fact I would recommend her to everyone!

Tantra Massage, Female client, Co. Wicklow.

Learn more – Tantra Massage , Female client, 54, Co. Kildare. “My relationship now is better than it’s been for a long time. My sexual energy has awoken and been revived. I’ve been able to let go with my partner in a way I never was before. Going to Abi was a life-changing experience for me. I felt nurtured, supported, affirmed, and have broken my shame around being a sexual woman.”

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