Tantra Massage Reviews

What my clients say...

I've received these Tantra massage reviews over time. Along with a large volume of personal mail from many clients describing their life and relationship changes after one or more Divine Ground Tantra massage sessions. 

The stories below are printed with the express permission of the authors. I'm most grateful to each one.

These show something of the diversity of age, health and relationship status, and backgrounds of those who seek out Tantra massage. Also, the concerns, issues and conditions that Tantra massage has shown to be beneficial for.

In these days when it seems that Tantric massage has become almost synonymous with erotic or sensual massage, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that this is a powerful healing modality.

One that is sorely needed today.

Because sexuality is part of our humanity. The ability to be powerfully at peace with your sexuality, and to enjoy meaningful, loving, sexual, sensual experiences is one of life's greatest joys.

Yet sadly, it's a joy that's been diminished by centuries of splitting sex from soul, and matter from spirit.

Tantra massage holds the potential for a profound, embodied healing of this deep split.

Over the years I've worked with men in their early 20s to mid 80s. And I'm often humbled by witnessing the transformation that takes place in a man's life through this powerful modality of Tantra massage.

Included in the reviews below are some from women, from the time I also offered Tantra massage to women. 

Somewhere in these you may find echoes of your own story. You may even be wondering "Could this really work for me?"

Why not? After all, what can't be helped by coming into a true alignment and integration with who you really are - a divine conduit of love and power in a sacred male body.

It was a beautiful experience to have a Tantra massage with Abi. Naturally I was nervous. I guess I had concerns about premature ejaculation, and not being able to last long. I worry that I’m not large enough to please a woman. But having seen Abi’s website and her client testimonials about how kind, caring and

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Abi was suggested to me by another practitioner. Little did I know the magical experience that would await. Abi is professional and caring in her approach and provided a safe and comfortable environment. The session was incredible. I had some things I wanted to put out there and achieve and Abi warmly accepted these and helped me have

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I decided to book an appointment with Abi as my previous Tantra practitioner had left the country. I had two sessions with her. They were relaxing and helped me to switch off. I use the sessions to somewhat reset every few months. I’d say to anyone who’s thinking of booking a session with Abi to be open

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Would Tantra Massage Help With Low Energy Levels? I’m 38 years old and happily married for nearly 10 years. The reason I looked into tantra massage in the first place was due to my low energy levels. I suffer with an auto-immune disease and was finding the pain and lack of energy were really affecting my

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I discovered Abi’s web site while searching for answers to my sexual dysfunction. I had experienced a Tantra session once before many years ago in Canada and it was ok. I was nervous as to what to expect but Abi put me at ease very quickly. She created a loving safe space and she listened compassionately. Her

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Happily Married For 44 Years. I’m 67 years old, retired for two years and very happily married for 44 years. Over the last year or so my libido had declined considerably, together with a loss of energy, lack of get up and go and a lack of confidence. After having all the medical checks etc.

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Too Painful To Continue In This Way. I struggle with communication in intimate relationships, communicating my feelings, and a general fear of expressing myself verbally in intimate relationships. I can tend to have an inflated perception of those with whom I am intimately involved, usually thinking they are better or more valuable than myself and

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Intimacy Can Be Difficult. I find intimacy can be a bit difficult and painful at times. I wanted to explore Tantra massage to see if it might help me to release feelings of guilt and shame around my sexuality. Let go of any limiting beliefs I might be holding. Have a greater sense of wholeness and

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I Felt Like My Life Was On Hold. When I first came to see Abi 4 months ago I felt like my life was on hold. I’d come through a difficult relationship which had taken a toll on me. I’d never experienced Tantra massage before and didn’t really know what to expect so I felt excited

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My Relationship Was Suffering. After going through the menopause I felt like I’d hit a wall in relation to my sexuality. I’m in a long term relationship, my libido had dropped and my relationship was suffering. I’d been crying out for something or someone who could help me because it’s hard when you still love someone

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