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1) Is Tantra massage a deep tissue massage?

On the contrary, it's nothing like a deep tissue massage. Rather, it tends to be much more enjoyable, as it’s a massage of long, flowing, sensual strokes. One in which you may melt into a deep state of bliss, and a profound sense of ease, regardless of how stressed you may feel at the start.

Even though there’s no deep tissue work involved, it’s quite normal for muscles which were as hard as wood at the beginning of the massage to be totally relaxed at the end. Especially those shoulder, upper back and neck muscles which typically hold so much tension

While obviously it's a physical massage, one of the characteristics of Tantra massage is that it's very much working (in combination with your breath) on moving life force energy through the body.

It’s this movement of energy that can leave a receiver of this massage feeling both extremely relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

So it's quite different to a deep tissue massage which involves working on muscles in the body, as a Tantra massage works on all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Overall, it works towards healing the fragmentation between, and integration of, the body, mind, heart, soul, sex and spirit.

Therefore not only is Tantra massage an entirely different experience to a deep tissue massage, it has a different intention and function.

2) Is it advisable to abstain from alcohol before receiving a Tantra massage?

Because the very basis of Tantra is consciousness, anything that is counter to this is ill-advised. That includes alcohol and all recreational drugs.

Indulging in any of these before the massage would be a bit like trying to drive with the brakes on.

If you're ever offered alcohol or recreational drugs, or not advised to abstain from these for 24 hours before your session, you’ll know you’re not being offered a genuine Tantra experience at all. 

3) I don't know very much about Tantra. Should I, before I come for a Tantra massage?

A lot of knowledge about Tantra isn't necessary to experience the wonderful benefits that Tantra massage can bring to your life.

What is essential to a wonderful Tantra massage experience is coming down out of your head and connecting with the life force energy in your body. Breathing, and some meditation during the session assist tremendously in this.

Yet it is important to have a clear understanding of what to expect in a Tantric massage with any practitioner you're intending to visit, as each will be different.

This comprehensive post covers every aspect of what typically happens in a Divine Ground Tantra massage with me.

It's sometimes those who spend weeks or months researching everything about Tantric massage before deciding to take the plunge, that don't have such a great experience with it.

This is because the head is full of knowledge which becomes a barrier to the actual experience.

Also, with so much that’s contradictory between the various strands of Tantra, a few weeks spent googling it all may leave you feeling more confused than enlightened!

Breathing, relaxing, being fully present in every moment of the session is way more important. These are all elements you will receive sound guidance on in your session, so don’t worry about that.

4) I'm very stressed, and afraid that I wouldn't be able to switch off my mind to get the benefits from Tantra massage. So would there be any point in going?

Not only may it be the best thing you could do for yourself, but in a Divine Ground Tantra massage you’ll actually learn super simple tools and strategies that don’t take any time to incorporate into your daily life. These can transform your relationship with both stress and your sexuality.

Do you know you can only ever receive a massage at the level of consciousness that you're in at the time?

So in a Tantra massage, the preliminary rituals that take place before the actual massage, bring you into a deep connection with your body. Then your stress-filled, chattering mind calms. At this stage you’re in a relaxed state of consciousness and better able then to really get the most from the massage.

In addition, your autonomic nervous system switches from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic (rest and digest, feed and breed). In a Tantra massage session you learn how to do this for yourself and so gain control over your stress.

So you’ll learn how to harness your breath, and the power of your sexual energy, to transform stress into power.

This is of tremendous benefit for erectile disatisfaction or sexual performance anxiety. 

"Switching off the activity of the sympathetic nervous system enhances erections."  Irwin Goldstein MD, Boston University School of Medicine.

5) Does Tantra massage include a genital massage? And if this is supposed to be a spiritual experience, why?

You'll always be asked if you would like to receive a lingam massage. (In Tantra, the term for penis is lingam, meaning wand of light.) Everything that you experience in a Divine Ground Tantra massage is by your invitation only.

In Tantra we regard all parts of the body as sacred. When you consider that your genitals are the part of your body that can co-create new life, how can they be considered any less sacred than any other part? The very notion is ridiculous.

So the lingam massage is a slow, sensual, respectful massage. One that’s deeply honouring of the divine presence within every cell. It's not unusual to hear men express “I've never been touched like that before.”

It’s probably fair to say that most have never touched themselves like that before either!

The genital massage in a Tantra massage focuses on moving the energy up through the body, rather than out in ejaculation.

In a Tantra massage for men the goal is not sexual gratification or the release of sexual energy.

On the contrary, it’s about allowing this to be fuel that can power your life, open your heart, heal the heart/genital and sexual/spiritual split. And experience yourself as a divine conduit of love and power in a sacred male body

6) I went for a Tantra massage once but I don't think it was real Tantra. It was a horrible experience. How is it possible to know the difference between what's real and what's not?

These days it's entirely possible that anyone can use the language that makes their offering appear to be genuine Tantra. So take nothing you see on a website at face value.

While some men may have an unpleasant experience that can be easily brushed off, that's not the case for everyone. So it's essential if you're looking for a healing experience that you dig a little deeper.

This recently updated post, The 7 Deadly Signs of a Tantra massage scam, is essential reading if you want to know how to be sure you’re getting the real deal.

7) Where are you based and how much does a Tantric massage cost?

I'm based a few miles south of Dublin. Instantly access your Divine Ground Tantra essential information below for more details and costs, thank you.