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man enjoying tantra massage

Tantra Massage Dublin

Tantra massage is an ancient life-changing form of bodywork. Much more than a full body massage, but a blissful healing ritual, in which stress melts away and time stands still.

When was the last time you enjoyed that experience?

Of course there are many types of relaxing massage in Dublin for you to choose from if you’re just looking for a massage. But authentic Tantra massage therapy offers you so much more... 

  • Healing.
  • Pleasure.
  • Empowerment.
  • Lessen sexual performance anxiety.
  • Enhance current or future intimate relationships.
  • Personal and spiritual growth.
  • Reduce stress and tension, through a combination of breathing, meditation and receiving conscious touch.
  • Overcome unhealthy fear, guilt or shame around your sexual energy.
  • Have an embodied experience of the integration of body, mind, heart, sex and spirit.

Master Premature Ejaculation

In combination with Tantra coaching and homeplay it can help you to powerfully master premature ejaculation. Thereby enabling you to make love for as long as you and your partner want. With deeper connection and more ease, joy, and a natural lightness.

Together with Tantra coaching, this is a treatment that some types of erectile and sexual issues have responded very well to.

I discovered Abi’s web site while searching for answers to my sexual dysfunction. I’d experienced a Tantra session once before many years ago in Canada and it was ok. I was nervous as to what to expect but Abi put me at ease very quickly.

She created a loving safe space and she listened compassionately. Her breathing techniques, understanding of sacred energy and gentle touch really helped me to get in touch with my inner self. After all that’s where the problem was.

Client, 53

Co. Dublin

Tantric Massage - A Sensual, Holistic, Healing Therapy

Would you love to receive respectful sensual touch? In a safe environment? Where there's nothing for you to give back?

Do you know, it’s a radical act of self-love to reclaim your divine right to the pleasure and the power of connecting deeply with your own sacred sexual life-force energy?

One that can lead to profound change and transformation in every area of your life.

Tantra Massage With Abi O'Donovan In Dublin

My name is Abi O’Donovan. I’m the creator of Divine Ground Tantra. I’ve been in professional practice as a Tantra massage therapist in Dublin, Ireland, for over 6 years now.

As such, my service is a holistic healing therapy. So I provide treatments and tantric rituals to men, in holistic healing centres and dedicated Tantra temples only.

I also offer Tantra coaching worldwide online.

I’m based a few kilometres south of Dublin, Ireland. 5 minutes walk from a train / DART station and there’s a bus stop across the road. 

Abi O'Donovan Tantra


...whatever part of the country you’re coming from, getting here is easy!

Tantric Massage Is Misunderstood!

While Tantric massage is one of the most well-known Tantric rituals, it is also one of the most distorted and misconstrued. No less in Dublin than anywhere else.

So how do you know if authentic Tantra massage is right for you? Right now?

Authentic Tantra Massage IS For You If You…

  • Desire to have a healthy, vibrant, holistic, confident relationship with your sexual self, regardless of what it has been like in the past.
  • Know it’s time now to heal the hurt from your early religious or societal conditioning which inhibits your full healthy expression today.
  • Had your confidence crushed during past relationships or difficult break-ups and want to get it back.
  • Wish to feel nurtured and held during a time of grief or loss.
  • Are missing connection, pleasure, touch, intimacy, and your entire body being touched with loving kindness.
  • Struggle with porn addiction, compulsive masturbation, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Have an open heart.
  • Yearn to heal body shame; especially that related to penis size or shape.
  • Long to let go of performance anxiety and experience a deep, relaxed satisfying intimacy with your partner instead.

Tantra massage meets you on many different levels, spiritually, sexually, emotionally. It frees and heals you.

It opens you in a healthy way to enjoy sex more, to have a greater experience of orgasm. I’m grateful for the benefits it has brought to my relationship so far. When I feel satisfied it makes me a better lover.

Client, 50

 Co. Cork

Authentic Tantra Massage Is NOT For You If…

  • You’re looking for a happy ending massage.
  • You want a sexual or erotic massage that is purely physical, that doesn’t consciously involve the emotional and spiritual aspects of your being.
  • You’re only looking for a one hour session.
  • You’ve no interest in exploring your sexuality as a path of personal and spiritual growth.

Tantra massage is NOT a happy ending massage!

Where did that idea ever originate!

So What Is A Tantric Massage For Men? 

A Tantric massage for men is a beautiful, 2 to 3 hours of pure relaxation, in which you surrender deeper into your own bliss. Into the luminous integration of your body, heart, mind, sex and spirit.

In essence, this respectful powerful session includes breathwork, meditation, an ancient eye-gazing ritual, honouring ritual, lingam massage, and if requested, prostate massage.

If you've ever seen an acupuncture chart, you'll have noticed on this the energy pathways (meridians) in the body. The long, flowing strokes in a Tantric massage help to move stagnant energy (Chi) so that it can flow more freely throughout your body. 

This flow of life energy in every cell in your being leaves you feeling magnificent. As you awaken to what you've always known deep in your soul...that there's no split between sex and spirit.

In that recognition is the healing of a core wound, in which you take back your power from any old beliefs or programming that no longer serves you. This sense of freedom can greatly enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Is It Selfish To Go All The Way To Dublin For Tantric Massage?

Now you may be wondering “Is it a bit selfish to think of going all the way to Dublin for a Tantric massage when there are so many other demands on my time and money?

The truth is that wellness, self-care and self-nurture are vital to you being the best partner, parent, friend, manager or business owner you can be.

Your health is your wealth!

Having those two sessions with Abi has had an extremely positive effect on me. It has opened a whole new chapter in my life… People I’ve known for years are asking me what I’m on!

My energy levels and confidence are soaring. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and meet the world with renewed vigour once again.

Male Client, 67

 Co. Galway

Of course you probably give a lot, and have a lot of responsibility weighing on you. Do you know it’s a universal law that a balance is maintained in every system?

Therefore, in order to truly give, you must receive. In fact, the most unselfish thing you can do for those you love is to make your health and wellness a priority.

Ask A Man In Your Nearest Graveyard!

Your nearest graveyard is full of men who worked themselves to death, thinking they were indispensable.

The reality is, if you don’t take care of you, the day may come too soon when you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

Will you be wise and embrace your life in all its magnificent glory before then? After all, you won’t get a second chance!

And if you're wondering...you're never too old to gain enormous benefit from genuine Tantra massage.

I found Abi very easy to talk to, open and understanding. The atmosphere she creates is relaxing and comfortable.

I found my confidence returning and my sense of self-empowerment grow with each session.

Client, 52

 Co. Dublin

In A Tantra Massage You Can…

  • Completely let go into heavenly, sensual touch.
  • Calm your mind and open up to the life-force energy flowing freely through your body.
  • Go deep into an exquisite experience of your own bliss as this energy expands throughout your entire being.
  • Feel that profound sense of going ‘home’ to your true self, that your soul is longing for.

It’s important to realise, nothing hurts like the pain of regret. Two of the saddest phrases in the English language are “too late” and “if only”.

Don’t wait for a life-threatening illness or some tragedy to wake you up to the truth that life is short.

Your sexuality is a core part of your being and the time to celebrate, enjoy and heal it is right now while you can.

I can’t believe that I waited until I’m 65 to experience this!

Male Client, 65

 Co. Dublin

How To Contact Abi To Book Your Tantra Massage In Dublin Today

So take the first step right now if you wish to book an appointment with one of the most experienced Tantric massage therapists in Ireland.

Enter your email below to instantly access your Tantric Massage essential info. Full details of what happens in my sessions are in this, along with tips on how best to prepare, and my fees and location.

To contact me to arrange and book your appointment simply phone me on the number within that. 

I am a highly qualified mature therapist with years of training and practice in the art of Tantric massage. 8 out of 10 who say they’re looking for Tantric massage aren’t looking for the sexual/spiritual healing therapy I provide. So it saves us both time if you’re clear on what happens in a session first!

At the moment, appointments aren't available to women or couples. 

If You Have Questions Or Concerns...

If you have questions or concerns about the treatment, you’re likely to find the answers in the new Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section of this website.

For any further questions that haven’t been answered there, or you'd like more information, by all means call me to ask before you book. Or email me at abi at integratesexandspirit dot com or email using the contact form on my contact page.

Although I offer Tantra massage therapy south of Dublin, I regularly see clients from all parts of the country. I very much look forward to welcoming you to my practice soon.

In the days following the massage I had more energy and the whole experience had given me such a lift... Abi is a beautiful woman and a such a professional in what she does.

Client, 38

 Co. Kerry