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Tantra Massage In Dublin

Divine Ground Tantra Massage. 
Conscious, sensual, loving touch. 

Tantra Massage With Abi O'Donovan

For Sexual Healing & Empowerment

My name is Abi O’Donovan. Based near Dublin, Ireland, I’m the creator of Divine Ground Tantra. 

I’ve been in professional practice as a Tantra massage therapist for over 6 years.

I provide holistic sexual healing therapy, conscious touch treatments and tantric rituals to men, in holistic healing centres and dedicated Tantra temples only.

In addition, I also offer Tantra coaching worldwide online.

Where is there a Tantra massage practitioner near me?

Abi O’Donovan is based a few kilometres south of Dublin, Ireland. 5 minutes walk from a train / DART station and there’s a bus stop across the road. 

Abi O'Donovan Tantra


...whatever part of the country you’re coming from, getting here is easy!

Tantric Massage - A Sensual, Holistic, Healing Therapy

Would you love to receive respectful sensual touch? In a safe environment? Where there's nothing for you to give back?

In which you can feel deeply relaxed, invigorated and energised. As though you’ve just pressed a ‘reset’ button!

Do You Want To...

Master Premature Ejaculation

In combination with Tantra coaching and homeplay it can help you to powerfully master premature ejaculation. Thereby enabling you to make love for as long as you and your partner want. With deeper connection and more ease, joy, and a natural lightness.

Conquer Stress Or Porn Induced Erectile Dissatisfaction Or Dysfunction

ED can have many causes. Yet that which is stress or porn induced is relatively easy to overcome with Tantra massage and coaching when combined with lifestyle changes. So instead of fearing it might get worse, you can confidently look forward to a joyful, sexually empowered future.

Vanquish Sexual Performance Anxiety For Good

Let go of feeling anxious during lovemaking. Release any worry which prevents you from enjoying sex as much as you could. Experience relaxed arousal, the key to transcendent, cosmic ecstasy. Learn to be fully present in your body with an open heart, so you can recharge your sex life and relationships.

Leave The Old Conditioning Behind

The cells in your body hold memory. You may have heard growing up that sex was bad, touching yourself was a sin, that your sexuality was a problem rather than a gift. If so, unless you’ve done some conscious work to release that conditioning, that’s the driver of your sexual engine today. How's that working out for you?

If the answer is “not that well”, why suffer any longer than you’ve already done? Why let that old conditioning rob you of the joy of being powerfully at peace with your sexuality today? 

I discovered Abi’s web site while searching for answers to my sexual dysfunction. I’d experienced a Tantra session once before many years ago in Canada and it was ok. I was nervous as to what to expect but Abi put me at ease very quickly.

She created a loving safe space and she listened compassionately. Her breathing techniques, understanding of sacred energy and gentle touch really helped me to get in touch with my inner self. After all that’s where the problem was.

Client, 53

Co. Dublin

Tantric Massage Is Misunderstood!

While Tantric massage is one of the most well-known Tantric rituals, it is also one of the most distorted and misconstrued. No less in Dublin than anywhere else.

Tantra massage meets you on many different levels, spiritually, sexually, emotionally. It frees and heals you.

It opens you in a healthy way to enjoy sex more, to have a greater experience of orgasm. I’m grateful for the benefits it has brought to my relationship so far. When I feel satisfied it makes me a better lover.

Client, 50

 Co. Cork

Is It Selfish To Go All The Way To Dublin For Tantric Massage?

Now you may be wondering “Is it a bit selfish to think of going all the way to Dublin for a Tantric massage when there are so many other demands on my time and money?”

The truth is that wellness, self-care and self-nurture are vital to you being the best partner, parent, friend, manager or business owner you can be. So the most unselfish thing you can do for those you love is to make your health and wellness a priority.

After all, your health is your wealth!

Having those two sessions with Abi has had an extremely positive effect on me. It has opened a whole new chapter in my life… People I’ve known for years are asking me what I’m on!

My energy levels and confidence are soaring. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and meet the world with renewed vigour once again.

Male Client, 67

 Co. Galway

Ask A Man In Your Nearest Graveyard!

Your nearest graveyard is full of men who worked themselves to death, thinking they were indispensable.

And if you're wondering...you're never too old to gain enormous benefit from Divine Ground Tantra massage.

I found Abi very easy to talk to, open and understanding. The atmosphere she creates is relaxing and comfortable. 

I found my confidence returning and my sense of self-empowerment grow with each session.

Client, 52

 Co. Dublin

It’s important to realise, nothing hurts like the pain of regret. Two of the saddest phrases in the English language are “too late” and “if only”.

Don’t wait for a life-threatening illness or some tragedy to wake you up to the truth that life is short.

Your sexuality is a core part of your being and the time to celebrate, enjoy and heal it is right now while you can.

I can’t believe that I waited until I’m 65 to experience this!

Male Client, 65

 Co. Dublin

Tantra Massage - Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have questions about Divine Ground Tantra massage, you’re likely to find the answers in the very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website.

For any further specific questions that haven’t been answered there, email me at abi at integratesexandspirit dot com or email using the contact form on my contact page.

Tantra Massage Reviews

                            What My Clients Say...

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Although I offer Tantra massage therapy south of Dublin, I regularly see clients from all parts of the country. I very much look forward to welcoming you to my practice soon.

In the days following the massage I had more energy and the whole experience had given me such a lift... Abi is a beautiful woman and a such a professional in what she does.

Client, 38

 Co. Kerry

Covid-19 Update, February 2021

I am currently closed. I will update here shortly, thank you.

Warmest regards,

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