November 5, 2014

Intimacy Can Be Difficult. 

I find intimacy can be a bit difficult and painful at times. I wanted to explore Tantra massage to see if it might help me to release feelings of guilt and shame around my sexuality. Let go of any limiting beliefs I might be holding. Have a greater sense of wholeness and well-being. Better enjoy and experience more pleasure in lovemaking.

Exploring Tantra Massage

I had my first Tantra massage session with Abi about 6 months ago. I see her about every 6 weeks now. Before coming to see her I was quite stressed due to juggling family life and work commitments. I felt quite tense, my body  a bit numb. Both my wife and I have busy lives and we weren’t connecting as deeply as usual. Over the past year we’ve been exploring Tantra as a way of improving our sexual communication and increasing intimacy in our relationship while we’ve been going through some challenging changes. My wife was fully supportive of my decision to experience Tantra massage.

Excited Yet A Little Nervous

I had a lot of conditioning from my religious background to overcome. When I first picked up the phone to make the appointment I was feeling excited, yet a little nervous about being naked with another woman and wondering what feelings would come up. I was unsure of how I was supposed to be. Would I feel guilty if I felt really turned on? I needn’t have worried because Abi was so welcoming and very quickly put me at ease. She made sure I understood the clear boundaries that are part of a Tantra massage session with her and that the only thing for me to do was to relax and receive loving touch.

Stepping Out Of Old Limiting BeIiefs

I wanted to feel the pleasure of being touched. Because of the intimacy of the massage it triggered at first some guilt and shame for wanting something for myself, for my pleasure. Tantra massage is a way to step out of the old limiting beliefs and it helps to heal this. It was one of the reasons I decided to go for it.

Caring And Nurturing Experience

I found it a very caring and nurturing experience in which I felt seen, respected and honoured as a person. The boundaries of the session helped me to fully let go of my initial apprehension and enjoy it all. It felt wonderful, exciting and safe. It’s like going to a theme park, getting on a ride and being able to totally enjoy it without feeling guilty about it. Each session with Abi feels so natural and beautiful, an experience of pure love. I feel it has opened me in love.

Slow, Sensual, Powerful, Erotic Touch

On my first session I was completely surprised by how present she was, how amazing her touch felt. It sent my body into shivers, awakened me. Whatever she was doing, wherever she was touching, it felt like the Goddess awoken and it set the tone of how the massage was going to be. I didn’t feel lustful or horny. Her slow, sensual, powerful, erotic touch blew my mind and awakened my body.

Spiritual Breakthrough

Abi is a woman of great integrity. I felt so much love in her touch that I could totally relax and let go, so much so that I had a Kundalini experience which was amazing. It blew out all the shite that had been holding me back and causing me to see myself from a limited point of view. When you have a spiritual breakthrough like that it’s a shift internally, emotionally. You let go of some old part of yourself and open up to who you really are.

Feel Perfectly Safe

I know now that there’s a place I can go to where I can feel perfectly safe and allow myself to be totally given to. Where I can fully receive without having to give back. I feel filled up.  It’s wonderful to be able to let go and enjoy someone giving me all that attention where I don’t feel any obligation to respond in any way.

Heals Something Deep Inside

It heals something deep inside of you just being able to receive, feel fulfilled, satisfied. It feels a bit like having a warm fire going off inside. I know I’m going to be absolutely pampered for 2.5 hours. That I’m in for a massive treat. Not just a wonderful pleasant experience but also spiritual healing through the massage. My love for my partner is never called into question or compromised because of the clear boundaries that are part of each session. It benefits my relationship.

Fulfilling And Satisfying Experience

There’s a lot of cheating and affairs going on. My wife knows that I go for Tantra massage and is fully supportive of my decision. It’s a great way for a man who’s in a relationship to have an experience that’s fulfilling and satisfying on so many levels yet remain faithful to his partner. If a man is struggling with commitment it’s definitely worth considering.

It Makes Me A Better Lover

Tantra massage meets you on many different levels, spiritually, sexually, emotionally. It frees and heals you. It opens you in a healthy way to enjoy sex more, to have a greater experience of orgasm. I’m grateful for the benefits it has brought to my relationship so far. When I feel satisfied it makes me a better lover. If my wife is tired and doesn’t have the energy to make love, I take my time giving to her. When I’m stressed, sex with my partner is more stressed. I’m more intuitive about her needs now. I can give more to her. This has made such a difference to our relationship.

My wife has since made an appointment to see Abi as she’s intrigued about experiencing Tantra massage for herself now.

I would recommend Abi to anyone. Especially to men who may be afraid of sex or intimacy, as it’s such a safe space for them to open up. Also for men who feel inhibited, or who are frustrated and don’t want to have an affair. To any man who may be feeling a bit depleted, stressed, or would love to feel more confident.

Learn more – Male Client 52, Co. Dublin. “I found Abi very easy to talk to, open and understanding. The atmosphere she creates is relaxing and comfortable. I found my confidence returning and my sense of self-empowerment grow with each session…”

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