Divine Ground Tantra Massage – A Taste Of Heaven

Imagine feeling your sacred sexual life-force energy surging throughout your entire being. Feeling more complete and whole than you’ve felt in your life. You are deeply relaxed. Your stress is melting away.

You’ve now surrendered to the bliss of your own being.

In a Divine Ground Tantra Massage your entire body receives the touch it longs for – sensual, nourishing, warm, tender and loving. You are radiating the healthy glow that is the natural result of integrating the power of your potent sacred sexual life-force energy with your heart, mind, body and soul.

The incessant chatter of your overactive mind goes silent. You enter a state of peace, feeling your body being touched with profound respect and unconditional love as the divine ground that it is.

An Expansive Experience

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a transformative process that takes you into a beautiful expansive experience of your potent sexual energy, throughout and on every level of your being.

By letting go of your mind and surrendering deeply to pleasure, to bliss, you’ll be transported into a state you rarely access, deep fulfilment within.

Imagine resting for a while in a place of profound peace and joy within, from which you go back to your life revived and invigorated.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

“I’ve had four Tantra massage sessions with Abi. Each time I go deeper into myself. I’m amazed at her deep respect for me and at what’s happening in my life as a result.”

“It was certainly the best feeling I’ve ever had.”

“1 word, unbelievable.”

“I’ve had four sessions with Abi so far and each time I feel honoured, totally accepted, and safe. Each session with her feels so natural and beautiful, an experience of pure love.”

What My Clients Say

A Deeply Healing Massage

It’s time now for you to let go into an embodied direct experience of your own sacred sexual energy. You will find as you fully surrender into the bliss of your own being that this is the transformational and deeply healing process you’ve been searching for.

Why wait any longer to…

  • Expand beyond what your society has taught you about who you are?
  • Go beyond the limitations your society has imposed on you and your sexuality?
  • Experience the exquisite divinity of your own sexuality, that’s been denied you up to now?
  • Know in your bones that this is an integral part of you whether you’re connecting sexually with another or not?
  • Liberate yourself from the false programming that’s kept you from experiencing your incredible sexual potential when connected to your heart and your awareness?

It’s time now for you to experience the ecstatic transformative power of Divine Ground Tantra Massage for yourself. For that feeling of integration, clarity, power and divine love to be yours, in every cell of your being.

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