Tantra healing massage It’s been my great privilege and joy at times to witness a person experience a spontaneous healing of old hurts. To watch deep pain that may have haunted them for years or decades dissolve. How does this happen?

The Healer Is The Love Within You

Well, I don’t take any credit for this because it’s not my doing. The healer is the love within you. Love is much more than the personal, happy, romantic emotion it’s often associated with.

There is nothing that is open to heal that love cannot help heal. Love is your natural state. You’ve only to look at a contented baby who simply radiates love to recognise this truth. You were like that baby once.

That love is always within you. Even if covered up for a while with the pain and sorrows of life, it’s always within you.

There’s Been Something Missing In Your Life

There may have been a time in your life when something other than love flowed to you. That your body had to tighten up against. To protect itself, by shutting down or numbing out. You may have left your body at the time because it wasn’t safe to be there.

You may have a strange sense there’s been something missing your whole life since.

Being Touched With Pure Love

When your body experiences the touch of pure love, and radiant tenderness, it can relax. It can let go of the tight holding on. The hard shell once needed to protect your most tender, vulnerable places can soften. The gate to your prison of disconnection, loneliness and pain swing open.

Healing Begins When You Feel Safe

Healing begins when you feel safe enough to let love flow through your being again. The body has an incredible wisdom and intelligence of its own. It knows where it is not safe and it knows where it is.

When it feels safe in every cell, the body has no need to hold on to what it may have held on to for decades. Now it can let go. It can open to the love within, the great healer.

The Importance Of Breath

Breath is a vital part of Tantra massage. Breath is pure life-force energy. Much unprocessed emotion is stored in the belly. Most people tend to breathe shallowly, into the chest. By breathing in this way, it’s possible to skim the surface of life. Not touching what’s held in the depths of one’s being. Never accessing the sparkling treasure buried a long time ago.

Opening To Receive Healing

Breathing deeply in Tantra healing massage loosens up in the body what it’s time to let go of. The breath unlocks the energy of love in every cell, flowing it through the body. You cannot will healing but you can open yourself to receive it in Tantra healing massage by:

  • Being ready to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Breathing
  • Letting go of your chattering mind (breathing helps tremendously with this)
  • Feeling into your body
  • Being willing to surrender to the love within and around you
You Are Pure Love

Divine Ground Tantra healing massage is an embodied way to refute an illusion. That you are anything but pure love. Imagine feeling this love in every cell of your being? This can bring about a healing so profound that your life may be transformed anew.

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Abi O'Donovan


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  1. Well Abi, I do think you should take a good deal of credit! Not every one has the capacity to guide people into their own space of self love. If that was the case any old chum could just pat you on the back to have healing occur. 😉

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