Self-sovereignty at its most profound and most simple means to live from your own core. It’s a state of living authentically and powerfully. With deep integrity to your own consciously chosen values. Apologising to no-one for who you are.

In self-sovereignty you decide what and who you choose to invest your time, energy and resources in. You decide who you choose to share your body, heart and sexual energy with.

A Dangerously Seductive Invitation

You see the cultural programming and conditioning for what it is, a dangerously seductive invitation to abandon yourself. A tempting invitation to deny your own divinity and betray your own soul.


every man-emersonSelf-sovereignty is awakened in the realisation of the following:

  • That you were born into this life as a unique one-of-a-kind being.
  • There never has been anyone quite like you.
  • There never will be anyone quite like you.
  • You are of inestimable value, truly irreplaceable.
  • Your past may have shaped you, it doesn’t define you.
  • Divine wisdom and intelligence flows through every cell of your being.
  • You are perfect, whole and complete, loved and lovable.

In self-sovereignty you can be vulnerable when appropriate. You can receive fully, graciously. You can live, give and love courageously.


The opposite of self-sovereignty is self-abandonment. In this, you may be persuaded to accommodate the agendas and wishes of those who may not have your best interests at heart. Then wonder why you feel so disconnected, angry, resentful or used.

In self-abandonment:

  • You feel unsure; question yourself; agonise over making decisions for fear you’ll make the wrong choice.
  • Self-criticism has become so habitual to you that you may criticise yourself unmercifully without even realising you’re doing it.
  • What’s truly unique about you you regard as a liability rather than an asset!
  • You may feel isolated and alone, even when surrounded by people.
  • Painful feelings that arise in a state of self-abandonment can include, fear, guilt, shame, resentment and worry.
  • There’s a fear of not being good enough. That you need to do, produce, provide or give more.

You may search desperately for something on the outside to provide a sense of affirmation, identity, security or belonging. To provide relief from the pain of self-abandonment. This is the birthplace of all addictions.

Own Your Self-sovereignty

In every moment of every day, you have an opportunity to wake up to who you truly are. To awaken to and embody your self-sovereignty. To own it in every cell of your being, where it becomes a strong anchor in the sometimes turbulent sea of life.

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