Reverence Is The New Sexy!

Everyone loves to feel good in themselves, to receive a compliment, to feel they’re loved, cherished and adored just as they are.

When we feel, expect and project reverence (which means to regard or treat with deep respect) we acknowledge the presence of the divine within us and within the miracle of the other who stands before us. That’s the meaning of the greeting “Namaste” – the divine in me salutes the divine in you.

What’s Sexy Now?

I just did a search on Google using the term “What’s sexy now?” No surprise that it revealed much about our popular culture. ‘Sexy’ is considered synonymous with being young, thin, glamorous and rich. The problem with this of course is that it’s complete balderdash. It’s based on a lie that we are merely our physical form and both that and what we possess determines ‘sexy’. Having the right shape, clothes, make-up, money, car etc. It’s sheer nonsense that feeds into the scarcity paradigm and is totally disempowering and destructive.

Being Yourself

One of the links I followed led to a video in which real people on the street were asked what they considered to be sexy. Answers ranged from; being yourself, it’s not clothing or the way someone does their hair, it’s confidence, maturity, the way one carries oneself, beautiful eyes. So why are we being fed this other crap? Who benefits? Those who if we all woke up in the morning and decided we really love ourselves exactly as we are, cellulite, pot bellies and all, would be out of business.

Waking Up To The Truth

Reverence is the new sexy as more and more people are waking up to the truth of their own beauty and who they are at their core. Redefining the term in ways that are empowering and life-enhancing. There is a growing refusal to bow down to the influence of a society that seeks to rob self-esteem, pleasure and joy from the masses for profit by a few.

If we really saw the beauty, the majesty, and the scrummy exquisiteness of ourselves, we would live with adoration and reverence as a default setting. How could we not? To the degree that we find it hard to see this in ourselves we find it hard to see it in those we encounter every day.

Divinity In Disguise

To truly love another in physical form you must see the truth of who they really are, divinity in disguise. Just like you.

I recall meeting a man some years ago who proclaimed, “I’ve been married to the same woman for 32 years, and I discover something new about her every day”. The light in his eyes as he spoke revealed the esteem he held his Goddess in. That’s reverence, and that’s freaking sexy!

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