man going crazy“Your brain is your biggest sex organ”. How many times have you heard this? Has it ever occurred to you to question it?

Living From The Neck Up

Well it should! If you’re like many people in this culture, you’ve been strongly encouraged for most of your life to live from the neck up. To cut yourself off from your own pleasure and wisdom. To ignore the divine wisdom and incredible intelligence of your body. How many so-called sexual problems are born from the false belief that your brain is your biggest sex organ?

You Can’t Have Sex In The Head!

You can’t have sex in the head! The best sex is a merging of your own body, mind, heart and soul, merging with your partner; merging with the entire Universe. Letting go of your ego identity and everything that you thought you were. Falling into the truth of who you really are, an indivisible part of everything that exists.

The Real Opportunity In Sex

The real opportunity in a sexual connection with a partner lies way beyond what the cultural conditioning may have you believe. Beyond having a great physical or emotional experience. Beyond expressing deep love for each other. Beyond healing past hurts or strengthening your relationship. Beyond relieving the stress that is your constant companion. The real opportunity is to let go of the tyranny of your mind and experience truth in every cell of your being. To explode the limited idea you have about yourself, about life. To experience connection with all that is. To experience connection that’s so profound that you melt, disappear into it. In which it’s hard for you to know what part of your physical entwinement is your partner’s and what’s yours.

Your Sexual Potential

Your soul wants you to experience the fullness of your sexual potential aligned with your heart. This is why you feel sexually unsatisfied. You know there’s more. Face it, you can’t bear the thought of dying without experiencing the sweetness, the ecstasy of true connection at the deepest level of your being. Sex isn’t the only pathway by any means, but it’s one of the most direct!

Sex Isn’t The Enemy

Society’s terror around sex through millennia is this; through it you might come to know the truth. You might come to know that you’re way more than you were conditioned to believe. You might come to the realisation that sex isn’t the enemy. Then you become truly dangerous to your society. Then you become uncontrollable.

Churches and political systems depend on your servility for their survival. Depend on your labour to create their wealth. You’re useful to those who control you when you bow to their authority. When you blindly accept their doctrines and dogmas as truth.

Prime Source Of Power

When you believe that your brain is your biggest sex organ you can be lulled into keeping sex at the superficial level it always has been for you. And in doing so, you cut yourself off from a prime source of power and participate in your own oppression.

But don’t believe a word I say, investigate it for yourself. Find your own truth. Find your own freedom in that. If you don’t choose freedom, what do you choose instead?

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