April 16

How Beneficial Is A One-off Tantra Session?


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Do you find you’re always on the go, running from one meeting or task to the next?

That your mind rarely if ever switches off, that it’s forever caught up in what happened yesterday? In what will happen tomorrow, or later today?

Do you find that your mind keeps you from being present, from being here now?

Switching Off Your Mind During Lovemaking

Because of this do you find it hard to switch your mind off during lovemaking?

Do you ever find thoughts creeping in like “Is she enjoying this? Will I be able to last long enough? What is she thinking of me?”

Or do thoughts from a stressful day or week intrude?

The Importance Of Being Present

Imagine an experience in which you leave your stress, your incessant thinking, and all that’s mundane in your life for a couple of hours…And in that time, surrender into the bliss of your own being. Let go of all that holds you captive to your chattering, overworked mind. 

What a one-off Divine Ground Tantra session will do is bring you into PRESENCE with yourself. Here’s why the ability to be fully present is crucial for you today…

Unlocking The Gate To A Woman’s Heart

Presence, not performance, is the key that unlocks the gate to a woman’s heart. The one thing a woman craves is for her man to be present to her. One of the saddest phenomenons of our time is to see a man doing everything he can think of, and more, to make his woman happy. Because her happiness is important to him. Yet the one thing she wants most, his presence, he doesn’t have to give.

If you’re in a relationship, do you ever take time to reflect on how she’s with you because she wants to be with you? No-one else, you! Of all the men in all the world she chooses to be with you!

Presence Is Everything To A Woman

So is there anything that could mean more to her than you being fully present to her? In the way you listen to her? When you reach out to touch her? In the way that your lips meet hers? Can she sense you’re fully present in your desire for her?

Presence is everything to a woman. When she senses you’re preoccupied, that you’re not really there, something in her soul shuts down. 

Are you experiencing a distance in your relationship right now? That may have arisen slowly, over time, because there hasn’t been enough presence between you to keep you connected? That you, or both of you, have been there, but not there?

How Present Are You?

Or have you forgotten what it is to be fully present to yourself? That’s a tough one because if you can’t be present with yourself, it’s difficult if not impossible, to be present to another. No matter how hard you may try.

Do you need to return to yourself, return to presence? This is one of the life-changing benefits of even a one-off Divine Ground Tantra session. For you to have an embodied experience of presence. 

This changes everything!

It’s a bit like pressing a ‘restart’ button, and who doesn’t need that now and then?

That Uneasy Feeling Of Self-alienation

Even if you’re not in a relationship, that uneasy feeling of self-alienation can creep up on you over time. It’s normal to feel the whole gamut of human emotion, love and fear, joy and grief, happiness and sadness etc. There’s a place for all of it. But do you ever find yourself waking up despondent, or with a low-level gloom you just can’t seem to shake off? It could be that you’re feeling disconnected from, not present to yourself.

Returning To Presence

Returning to yourself, to presence, is often all that’s needed to shake that. For you to feel integrated, in touch again with the flow of life.

Life is beautiful. If you’re not experiencing that right now, is it possible that you’ve abandoned yourself along the way? That you’ve lost touch with your capacity to be fully present with yourself? 

Is it time now for you to come home to yourself?

A one-off Divine Ground Tantra session can be enormously helpful in getting you back into presence with yourself. The only place from which life can be fully experienced and enjoyed.It would take a small book to write of all the many ways you could benefit from a one-off Tantra session. But of all of them, this one is key. 

This benefit alone is reason enough for you to say “Yes” to a luscious, embodied experience of being present to yourself today!


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