September 15, 2015

Happily Married For 44 Years.

I’m 67 years old, retired for two years and very happily married for 44 years. Over the last year or so my libido had declined considerably, together with a loss of energy, lack of get up and go and a lack of confidence. After having all the medical checks etc. and given the all clear I decided to look elsewhere for help. After much searching I came across Abi O’ Donovan’s I gave Abi a call explaining the concerns that I had and she put me at ease straight away, so I arranged a two hour Divine Ground Tantra Massage session with her.

I Arrived Feeling Very Nervous

I’ve had two of these sessions with Abi. On each occasion I arrived feeling very nervous and apprehensive but there was no need to be. She put me completely at ease each time and explained what the sessions would entail. She made it so easy for me to talk to her about how I was feeling and her response always felt so reassuring. It felt wonderful to be able to express my deepest feelings in a safe and loving environment without someone being judgemental or intrusive in a way I never thought possible.

Treated With The Greatest Respect, Care And Attention

Abi guided me through each element of the sessions, explaining what was happening with the greatest of respect, care and attention, making sure at all times that I was feeling comfortable. As the sessions progressed with different issues arising, this is where Abi’s expertise came to the fore. In each session her intervention was always spot on when it came to dealing with the issues that I was experiencing. She displayed the greatest level of skill and professionalism and guided me all the way.

Opened A Whole New Chapter In My Life

Having those two sessions with Abi has had an extremely positive effect on me. It has opened a whole new chapter in my life, a side of me that I never knew I had. It has so much improved my life and relationships with my family, friends and people in general. By putting into practise the simple exercises that she instructed me on, there has been an amazing improvement to every aspect of my life.

Believing In Myself Again

Abi has truly inspired me with her encouragement, love, understanding, thoughtfulness, kindness and that wonderful gift she has of just listening and hearing what I had to say. The sessions with her have given my confidence a massive boost, getting me to start believing in myself after quite a few years of self-doubt. I feel eager to get back out into the world again and start to appreciate all the beautiful things that the world has to offer. My libido has grown stronger and experiencing the combination of sex and spirit has been wonderful.

The Effect On My Marriage

The effect on my marriage has been profound. Now, even when I go out for a walk with my wife, it feels like we’re making love. The great connection we always had with one another has become even stronger. When it comes to the physical part of our relationship, it’s amazing. We’re back to making love now for a couple of hours at a time with a heightened sensitivity that’s deeply satisfying for both of us.

My Energy Levels And Confidence Are Soaring

People I’ve known for years are asking me what I’m on! My energy levels and confidence are soaring. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and meet the world with renewed vigour once again.

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