Getting Caught Up In Drama

Our world is fuelled by drama. Even the so-called news these days has to be dramatic. Everyone gets caught up in drama from time to time. Or in other peoples’ drama.

Does It Serve You?

Only you can answer this question for yourself. Creating drama around any difficult or stressful situation greatly increases the stress, tension and anxiety felt. It’s not always easy to recognise when you’re fuelling a fire of drama that’s burning you, because everybody’s doing it. It’s accepted as normal.

It’s complete insanity! Over time it can lead to serious illness or an early death.

From Drama To Fulfilment

When I decided to trade in drama for fulfilment, that’s when my life changed. Now, instead of jumping for what promises the most excitement, the most adventure, the greatest buzz, whether in the form of an invitation, an opportunity, or a man, I ask the question “What is likely to give me the greatest fulfilment?” It’s the question that makes all the difference.

The One Question That Turns It All Around

Ask this question today at every point of decision. “Is it likely to give me the greatest fulfilment to start my day with the doom and gloom news? Or something that’s inspiring and uplifting? Is it likely to give me the greatest fulfilment to take a few minutes today to really feel gratitude for all the many blessings in my life? Or to plough on through the day feeling stressed about what’s going wrong or what I don’t have?”

Make this a daily practice and you’ll be amazed at the change it will create for you over time.

The quality of your life my friend is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. This is a super powerful one.

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