The core wound in our culture is the separation between sex and spirit. Authentic power is found in the integration of both. Sexually empowered people who revel in their juicy physicality, aligned with their hearts, minds and souls are not easily controlled. The suppression and repression of sexuality, of pleasure, has been used as a major weapon of control by the elite, churches, states and dictators for centuries. It still is.

The Best Prescription For Health And Personal Power

Reclaiming pleasure, ecstasy, the divine ground of your own being, embodiment, love, sex, spontaneity, being out of control, is the best prescription for health and personal power. Sexual energy is divine life-force energy. It’s the raw power that creates life. If not being used to create a new life, it can serve as power for your own life. It is unnatural, unhealthy, disempowering and damaging to individuals and society to ignore, shame, repress or split it off.

Sexuality needs to be firmly on the holistic health and spiritual agenda because it’s central to our experience of what it is to be human. Embracing your sexuality is good for you and truly holistic healthcare can’t leave it out!

There’s Something Awry

Holistic and spiritual therapies, processes and products have exploded in popularity over the last few decades. They aim to treat the whole person holistically rather than as a collection of parts. And yet there’s something awry.

The split between sex and spirit in the culture is largely replicated in the holistic/spiritual field where there is a leaning towards the light, away from the dark, towards transcendence, away from embodiment.

Fear, guilt and shame can masquerade as enlightenment in the holistic/spiritual healing field every bit as much as it has done in shame based religions. Shaming can be perpetuated by well-intentioned but wounded healers who haven’t yet acknowledged and worked through their own issues around sex. It’s time to get real about this.

True Empowerment

woman-in-sunset-cropped-rcFor all the talk about empowerment, true empowerment can’t happen while the greatest source of power is denied, demonised and buried. The fear, of course, is “What happens once the raw power of our sexual energy is reclaimed and aligned with our hearts and awareness? What then? Society as we know it might break down.”

Yes, it might. Imagine!

No more passively accepting rules and disempowering dictates from any outside so-called ‘authority’ that are abhorrent to our deepest selves.

Instead of living like hypocrites, slaves to what others may think of us, living half-lives, censoring ourselves to live someone else’s agenda, we could live authentically as the sovereign beings we truly are. Cast aside the grovelling for approval and for love, experiencing that we are love.

Only then are we really free to truly, madly, deeply share ourselves, body, mind and soul with another.

Sexual/spiritual integration is more than a personal issue, it’s a collective one. Now is the time for each of us to be brave and honest enough individually and collectively to unearth, reclaim and deeply love the treasure that is our potent, powerful, radiant sexual energy which lies buried in the field of our dreams.

It’s time to embrace and celebrate the fact that sexual energy, derided in this sex-negative society, is the most profound source of healing energy on the planet. It’s time to get excited about seeing the massive evolutionary shift that will take place when sex becomes an integral part of the holistic health/spiritual agenda. Isn’t it?

[quote]“Not only is our sexuality not sinful, it is the source of our greatest power and gifts.” — Bruce Lyon[/quote]

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