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Is Tantra Massage Cheating?


Congratulations for having the wisdom to ask this question before jumping in!

Consider this...


It often happens that men who ask this have no real idea what Tantra massage is all about. Or how it could benefit their relationship. And often confuse it with the sort of massage parlour sexcapade that it’s often portrayed as. 

Here's what some married men say about what Divine Ground Tantra Massage did for their marriages...

The effect on my marriage has been profound. Now, even when I go out for a walk with my wife, it feels like we’re making love. The great connection we always had with one another has become even stronger.

When it comes to the physical part of our relationship, it’s amazing. We’re back to making love now for a couple of hours at a time with a heightened sensitivity that’s deeply satisfying for both of us.

Male client -  67 

Married 44 years

Do You Actually Know What's Involved In A Tantra Massage?

How accurate is the information you've received?

Only when you know what's involved can you make an informed decision. Being aware that not all that's described as 'Tantra' is anything like Divine Ground Tantra.

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The Real Questions About Cheating And Tantra Massage That You Need To Ask Yourself Are...

"What are the agreements I have with my wife or partner? Would I compromise those by receiving a Tantra massage?"

These are the questions that only you can answer.

Are You...

Happy in your marriage or relationship?

And want to experience the many benefits Tantra massage can offer?

  • Healing.
  • Pleasure.
  • Enhance current or future intimate relationships.
  • Reduce sexual performance anxiety.
  • Personal and spiritual growth.
  • Reduce stress through a combination of breathwork, meditation and receiving conscious touch.
  • Overcome unhealthy fear, guilt or shame around sexuality, arising from earlier conditioning or experiences.
  • Have an embodied experience of the integration of body, mind, heart, sex and spirit. 

There’s a lot of cheating and affairs going on. My wife knows that I go for Divine Ground Tantra massage and is fully supportive of my decision.

It’s a great way for a man who’s in a relationship to have an experience that’s fulfilling and satisfying on so many levels yet remain faithful to his partner. If a man is struggling with commitment it’s definitely worth considering.

Male client - 50 

Married 25 years

Or Are You...

  • In a sexless marriage in which you’ve not received touch in years?
  • In which all affection has gone out the window?
  • Craving touch, warmth, affection and appreciation?
  • Without being unfaithful?

When intercourse is no longer happening, all other forms of intimacy and touch tend to go with it. 

Touch is a normal, natural human need. It keeps our nervous system in tune. The absence of it can make us sick.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage enfolds you in a beautiful sacred intimacy with yourself in which your whole being can receive the healing touch you've been craving for so long.

blue feather

Even though I just had the one session with Abi and that was a while ago, the session helped me to be able to last longer while receiving pleasure or in self-pleasuring.

I learned to be more in the moment, not rushing to get the orgasm but to slow down and breathe. She taught me to relax and be present. She helped me so much in that regard.

I would encourage any man if he has any concerns about any aspects of his sexuality to contact Abi and be reassured and guided by her to work through any issues in a safe and caring space.

Male client - 63 

Married 25 years

Or Are You...

Bored in your relationship but don't have the courage to admit it, and much less inclined to do anything to improve it?

Are you pretending you want a Tantra massage to improve your relationship when what you really want is something else?

Have you been thinking about having a Tantra massage for a long time and feeling drawn to it, then pulling back? Asking tons of questions of different practitioners yet still not able to decide if it's for you?

Never mind the guilt you might feel afterwards. Are you aware of the turmoil your internal conflict is causing you already!

And what that may be costing you right now?

You need to be very clear and honest with yourself about your intention in seeking Tantra massage. You know the truth. And it's wise not to deceive yourself. 


Anything you create an inner conflict about, you'll suffer over until you resolve it. You'll have energy tied up in it that you could be using to enjoy life.

Life's too short to spend too much time in indecision. Nothing will age you faster. If you've been struggling with this question for longer than 3 months, it's draining you.

the word facts under magnifying glass

Get The Facts

As with the making of any decision, get the facts of what's involved. Look at those in the context of your agreements.

If Divine Ground Tantra massage is for you you may still feel nervous or apprehe​​nsive before your first session. That's the most normal feeling in the world, but underneath will be a sense of excitement.

If you make a decision that it's not for you, put it out of your mind. Don't keep going back to it. Move on.

Some men can cheat and lie with impunity and never feel a twinge of guilt. They have done so for years, if not decades.

While others have tortured themselves for years, decades, over the slightest misdemeanor.

Having worked with hundreds of men in the past 5 years, I suggest...

You would be wise to resolve any internal conflict you may be struggling with on this question. And ill-advised to consider Tantra massage without doing so first.

good idea blackboard

A Divine Ground Tantra coaching/consultation session could be helpful in this regard. 

Undecided if Divine Ground Tantra Massage is for you?

Get the facts today.


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