Good Sex Isn’t About Knowing What You’re Doing

Isn’t it time for a new story about sex? Hasn’t it been so for a while?

Because as Sarah Byrden proclaims in the video below “We have put ourselves and sex in a box that is simply way too small.”

Yes, yes, yes!

“It’s true that we’re missing something in sex, but it’s not what we think it is.”

So true! Can you guess what it is before you watch the video?

This lady is spot on. Hits the nail bang on the head.

There’s so much wisdom in her video. Best not to expect to take it all in on one viewing. But to return to it again and again.

Because there are layers of depth to this one.

Like treasure buried in a field. Go deep, find it, and no matter what has happened in your life up to now, today you can begin to write yourself a new story.

One that works for you.

If your old story isn’t leaving you ecstatic, why keep it alive?

Good Sex Isn't About Knowing What You're Doing | Sarah Byrden | TEDxVail

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Jeffrey says January 28, 2019

Thanks Abi – very thought provoking. As you mentioned, much to ponder and second or third viewing is necessary.

    Abi O'Donovan says February 4, 2019

    Yes Jeffrey, so much squeezed into one video that’s little over 11 minutes! I was very impressed. Really enjoyed this one, and I’ve watched it a few times at this stage.

John says February 3, 2019

Hi Abi, What a wonderful Video by Sarah Byrden. Probably for me, the most interesting , open and informative talk about sex, wisdom, pleasure etc. I just loved the whole approach she had in putting her message across. It is so refreshing to know that sex can be presented in such a way, as who we are and not something that we have to feel embarrassed doing or talking about.
Thank you so much for putting this video on your blog. A great one to start off the New Year.
Looking forward to reading more of your blog during the year.
Best Regards

    Abi O'Donovan says February 4, 2019

    And she’s so natural about it too. I was delighted to come across that one to share. A good one to start the year for sure. Thanks John.

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