Do you get enough alone time each day?

Alone time, if you fully surrender to the lushness and depth of it, can be one of the best and wisest investments you can make today.

1) Alone Time Is Essential

One of the essential survival skills of the 21st Century is being able to unplug from the matrix of work, busyness and overwhelm. Stress is a killer. It’s not badge of honour to be worn proudly. It’s a problem that deserves the greatest compassion. Alone time is essential for the over-busy and the over-worked.

2) Alone Time Benefits You And Everyone Around You

In a world that’s become so complicated, simple is often overlooked or dismissed. Taking time out from all the demands made upon you is not selfish. It’s healthy, it’s wise, and it benefits you and everyone around you.

The constant pressure to be ‘on’ at home, work and play is unnatural and unhealthy. Quiet solitude is a balm for the senses. It offers its bountiful gifts freely to those who embrace it.

3) Alone Time Is Not A Luxury!

How often have you taken an hour out and in that time had a fresh perspective on something? Seen a seemingly intractable problem from a whole new angle, in which a solution presented itself that you’d no idea existed before?

You may balk at the suggestion of taking even a half-hour out to drop into the deep peace of quiet solitude each day. To acknowledge that a time of rich aloneness is not a luxury.  It’s a springboard from which you launch powerfully refreshed into your life each day.

The mania of busy is a way that society attempts to seduce you away from yourself. To lure your vessel onto the rocks to be smashed and plundered.

Steer Your Life In A Healthier More Fulfilling Direction

Would today be a good day to begin to the steer the ship of your life in a healthier, more fulfilling direction?

Take a half-hour out, alone. If you live by the sea go there, and as you sit on the earth watch the waves come and go. If you live inland take yourself out in nature. And breathe.

Find What The Sages Of The Ages Have Found

A great practice for your alone time is to set an intention to find something to marvel at. A leaf falling from a tree, the song of a robin, the sound of a wave as it crashes on the shore. In this return to a childlike state of awe, curiousity and wonder, observe what happens within you.

You may find you breathe deeper, more easily. Feel your body relax and some of that ever-present tension drop from your shoulders. You may find what the sages of the ages have found, that the investment in your alone time is one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make. Enjoy!

Owl photograph courtesy of Jack Leishman

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