The Eugenics Agenda – Why I’ll Be Voting No In The Abortion Referendum

Have you ever been in a situation where people assume something is true of you, when it’s not?

I imagine you have. After all, it’s a pretty universal experience isn’t it?

I’m in a situation like that at the moment. Some who know me, or think they know me, assume I’ll be voting yes in the forthcoming referendum on abortion. I won’t.

Here’s one of my reasons why:

The Eugenics Agenda

During the water protest, we took note of what happened in other countries. Especially America. And were rightly horrified. The clear message was “Don’t let this happen here”. And we didn’t.

Between 1970 and 2014, more Americans have died during abortions than in all wars combined. 45,151,389 according to CDC statistics.

Abortion is a billion dollar industry.

Making An Informed Choice Before Voting

I decided I wanted to make an informed choice before casting my vote. To do so I had to go way beyond the propaganda of both sides of the debate. I’ve spent much time in research and reflection in the past two weeks. And it has been eye-opening to say the least.

You may genuinely feel compassion for those in crisis, and so consider a yes vote. Yet there is now no doubt in my mind that you are being callously manipulated if so.

We all know there is much fake news out there. And every news agency has it’s own agenda. It’s necessary to get to the bottom of the swamp to discover the truth. Which is not always found in your own backyard.

Abortion – What’s Philanthropy Got To Do With It?

Ever heard of Warren Buffett? Reputed to be one of the wealthiest men in the world. Buffett has been quietly funding global abortion on a massive scale for years. He’s only one of a number of elites who exercise ‘philanthropy’ in this way.

Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, David Rockefeller and others, also have an agenda of worldwide population reduction.

Buffett, more than one source claims, has given 1.2 billion dollars to abortion projects. Enough funding for 2.7 million abortions. Roughly equal to the entire population of Chicago.

I’ve looked through the tax returns of the Buffett Foundation from 2011 to 2016. They read like a who’s who of abortion providers. You can access 2011 to 2013 from the Foundation Center through the link above and 2014 to 2016 directly here

The foundation funds projects in countries like Columbia, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico and Cambodia. Particularly chilling are the entries ‘International expansion and improvement family plan & AB/service delivery’. There are entries that simply state ‘Reducing unintended pregnancy’. Is this philanthropy, or is it eugenics?

Illegal Donations To Influence The Result Of Our Referendum

A leaked strategy document from Soros’s Open Society Foundation revealed: “With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there [Ireland] could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places,”.

Multi-billionaire George Soros made illegal donations totalling €284,449 to 3 Irish organisations in 2016. In the context of the pending abortion referendum. His Open Society Foundation blatantly attempted to influence the result of our referendum.

The IMF and World Bank are economically breaking down country after country. Buffett, Soros et al are breaking down country after country to accept the abortion culture.

If A Yes Vote Was To Be Returned…

Here’s how I see a doomsday scenario being played out in two parts if a yes vote was to be returned:

1) The dogs in the street know that our health service is in crisis. That many who work in the health service say they will not take part in abortions. And the government love privatising and outsourcing.

There are many organisations in other countries who run abortion clinics. Very effectively and efficiently. If a yes vote was to be returned, one or more of these huge foreign abortion chains will likely obtain a contract to run the service.

This might seem a far-fetched, even preposterous notion at the moment. Yet there’s one thing we have ample evidence of now. That successive governments agendas has not been womens health.

In 2008, an American laboratory was given a contract to process smear test results. How many women have died and will die as a result of that decision? Which the HSE then tried to cover up.

Abortion is big business. With a powerful lobby of unlimited wealth behind it. Follow the money and you get to the truth.

2) Now Here’s Where It Gets Very Sinister…

Eugenics was a term coined by a British man, Francis Galton, in 1883. He questioned “Could not the undesirables be got rid of and the desirables multiplied?” That question is the core of eugenics.

Ann Farmer is the author of ‘By Their Fruits – Eugenics, population control and abortion campaign’. She argues that the U.K. 1967 abortion act was orchestrated by a liberal Home Secretary as a means of addressing poverty. That in subsequent years, abortion increasingly targeted poor women and teenagers. And became an integral element of state population control.

Today’s Large Abortion Providers – Feminist Founders Were Eugenicists

Two of the largest abortion providers today are Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International. Their founders, Margaret Sander and Marie Stopes, were eugenicists. Averill Earls PhD. Historian of modern Ireland and sexuality. Assistant Professor of History, Mercyhurst University, Pennsylvania.

Yet they promoted birth control, not abortion. And made a strong distinction between both.

They Were Anti-Abortion!

A early pamphlet produced by Sanger included the following in capitals – MOTHERS! / Can you afford to have a large family? / Do you want any more children? / If not, why do you have them? / DO NOT KILL, / DO NOT TAKE LIFE / BUT PREVENT / Safe, Harmless Information can be obtained of trained nurses at / 46 AMBOY STREET.

They Promoted Forced Sterilisation, Not Abortion

Unlike the elite of today, their aim wasn’t to reduce the world’s population. Their aim was to create a world with more ‘desirables’. Proposing forced sterilisation programmes to reduce the number of ‘undesirables’.

Stopes criticized any society that “allows the diseased, the racially negligent, the thriftless, the careless, the feeble-minded, the very lowest and worst members of the community to produce innumerable tens of thousands of stunted, warped and inferior infants”.

Some states, like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, had compulsory sterilization laws in place between 1929 and 1975 . ‘Eugenics And The Welfare State’ Excerpt

Abortion Now Marketed As ‘Womens Rights’

No civilised country would support forced sterilisation programmes today. Abortion is now the weapon of choice of a global elite who believe they have a right to decide who gets to be born, or not. And it’s so easy to foist on an unsuspecting population.

So easy because it’s welcomed with open arms when marketed as ‘womens rights’!

Abortion Is The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women

The early leaders of the feminist movement were against abortion. They viewed it as a means of exploiting both women and children.

“Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women” Alice Paul 1885-1977. Suffragette, feminist, women’s rights activist, author of the Equal Rights Amendment. Brian E. Fisher.

One reviewer of the above book writes “I had the opportunity to talk to Alice Paul before she died, and I could hear the pain in her voice as she talked about the way in which abortion destroyed her life’s work, the Equal Rights Amendment, and how all of the feminist leaders of her day were opposed to abortion in the first place”.

All feminists should be outraged at this planned exploitation of women here. Which supports the sick agenda of foreign billionaires, who don’t give a damn about you, and never will.

What’s The Real Reason The Government Is Pushing For A Yes Vote?

Does anyone question why our government is pushing for a Yes vote? The real reason? The one they’ll never admit to?

The abstract of a paper ‘Public benefits and costs of government funding for abortion’ in the U.S. National Library of Medicine states…

“For every tax dollar spent to pay for abortions for poor women, about four dollars is saved in public medical and welfare expenditures. The savings are in public expenditures that otherwise would have to be incurred because of the babies that poor women would have borne… The net savings for the nation as a whole over a two-year period if abortions were publicly funded in every state would total at least $339.6 million”.

Why deal with the real issues of the accommodation crisis and affordable childcare? Why bother providing services for vulnerable women and their children? Why pay welfare to help parents in dire circumstances? Abortion is cheaper.

Again, follow the money and you’ll get to the truth.

On The Topic Of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities And Pregnancy Resulting From Rape…

I abhor the cynical exploitation of parents of babies with fatal foetal abnormalities. Of pregnant victims of rape. Any right thinking person would have deep compassion for such people in their dark hour.

The Cynical Exploitation Of Compassion

The yes campaign is exploiting that sense of compassion. It does so by asking people to vote for what would otherwise be repugnant to them. To remove all constitutional rights from each unborn child up to birth. In place of the existing protection, the Oireachtas would have complete power to legislate for abortion.

Former High Court Judges, Former Chairmen of the Referendum Commission and Barristers agree “The governments proposals are extreme and not, as some have suggested, restrictive.”

What Our Lawyers Say

“As lawyers drawn from every level of the profession, both currently in practice and those now working in other fields, we hope that, having considered what is at stake in the coming referendum and the far-reaching proposals of Government, our society will conclude that it would be profoundly unjust to withdraw the existing constitutional protections from the unborn child or to give Government the power that they seek to legislate in this area.”

The yes campaign is using the unfortunate plight of the above in the most heinous way.

Why should 99 healthy babies have to die so that 1 with a fatal feotal abnormality can be aborted? Why should 99 healthy babies have to die so that 1 pregnant rape victim can have an abortion?

Compassion Is Never Pro-Genocide

The root of the word ‘Compassion’ means ‘to suffer with’. Compassion is never pro-genocide. And when you look at the reality of abortion in other countries, how can you call it anything else?

45,151,389 dead in America since 1970. 8,745,508 dead in the UK since 1967.

Anyone using the word ‘compassion’ in promoting abortion needs to get themselves another dictionary.

With the 8th amendment still in place after the 25th we can revisit some issues of concern. Such as fatal foetal abnormality and pregnancy resulting from rape. Article 40.3.3 could include a further amendment by referendum if this is the will of the people.

We Do Not Need To Remove Protection From All Unborn Children

With the 8th amendment still in place after the 25th it doesn’t mean we are stuck with Article 40.3.3 in its present form forever. Changes could be made through another referendum.

We do not need to remove protection for all unborn children which is what we’re being asked to do on the 25th.

In summary, I conclude after many hours and days of peering behind the veil. Of painstaking research. That behind what’s being proposed is a heavily disguised eugenics programme. One that would take the lives of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Irish children over time.

Don’t let this happen here.

Many many wrongs and harms have been done by previous generations in our land. Accepting the abortion culture won’t put any of that right.

Don’t Let This Be The Legacy Of Our Generation

Open your eyes. See the bigger picture. See the truth. Say NO to being manipulated. NO to the exploitation of your compassion. NO to healthy babies having to die.

We Need To Send The Strongest Message Possible To Our Government & The Global Elite

It’s time to rise up and resist. We need to send the strongest message possible to our government and the global elite.

To all those who would call us backward because we stand up for the most vulnerable in our society. To those who would call the 8th amendment barbaric. Who don’t see the tearing apart, crushing and dismembering of innocent babies in the womb as the definition of barbaric.

A NO vote is that message

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

Will you do nothing?

Or will you do what any right thinking person would do? Something you can be proud of when you look back at this momentous turning point in our history?

If you’re thinking of voting yes, or you’re still undecided, go find a baby. Look into his or her eyes for at least 60 seconds. Watch their beaming smile, their joy. His or her simple delight in being alive.

Then ask yourself if you could ever vote to end the life of this precious being. To ensuring it never began?

Then be that baby’s hero…

VOTE NO on the 25th


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Jenny says May 20, 2018

Interesting perspective. I will still be voting yes in the referendum because I know freedom of choice matters. I appreciate your point of view and have no desire to convince you of otherwise but ultimately I think we need to provide for that 1%. This minority no longer have Liverpool as an option if it is after 12 weeks. Death is not the end and some souls incarnate knowing they will be aborted. I think it is unfair to take that choice away from the 1%. And as for culling the population, yes, there will be an amount of healthy babies that will be aborted. I don’t agree that it disempowers women but certainly there are two sides to every coin. It depends on which side you are looking at. Children need to be feed and cared for and loved and paid for. They have many needs, I want women to have the choice to terminate if they cannot meet these needs. Giving up for adoption should be a choice and what about the 1%. I can’t buy into this negative bigger picture you are building because it is one side of a coin. Maybe the population is being culled but as with many of the issues on this planet, I know as an individual my power influence cannot change that right now, I have to be the change, so I have to focus on what I can do, not what I cannot control. I believe in giving the individual the choice. I don’t assume that I know better. Because every story is different. We will see what happens…

Derek says May 20, 2018

Thank you Abi,

If a NO vote prevails, I have no doubt that another referendum will follow in a few years.

If a YES vote prevails, I have no doubt that there will never ever be another debate on the topic. It will be irreversible.

Gerry says May 20, 2018

I read every word you wrote here.
Well said & well done, Abi.
I admire you for this effort.
Love, Gerry

Ciaran says May 20, 2018

I’ll be voting yes as I have a choice now to give women the choice.

Abi O'Donovan says May 21, 2018

Thank you for your comments, Abi

Jeffrey says May 21, 2018

Abi – I commend you for a wonderful, thoughtful, and factual post. As an American and pro-life person I was interested to read all your points as we deal with those as well here in the States. I can’t implore the Irish people to vote no strongly enough. Do not allow this travesty of abortion to be legal in your country.

For those of you who want choice, you got to choose. You could have told the guy to cover it up, and last I knew, when a woman says no and I proceed, it’s rape. Do not make the life inside of you pay for your inability to say no or lack of responsibility for birth control. We can discuss rape and incest at another time, but it is a life not a fetus. The heart starts beating at 18 days. There are a multitude of social programs in Ireland to cover the welfare of the child and mother so the cost/care argument doesn’t fly.

As you mentioned Abi, the Liberal socialist left is trying to forever change the character of Ireland and the EU. Please do not give into this and loose your heritage. The Irish people are amazing, your culture priceless. Please awaken to what is going on around you and draw a line in the sand.

John says May 21, 2018

Thanks abi. this give a different view point. Now I have to rethink

Martin says December 24, 2018

So, over five decades ago, she stood on the banks of the Royal canal, pregnant, desperate – and suicidal. If only the State or (then) all dominant Church could have the compassion to understand the plight of the unplanned pregnancy; if only legislation could accommodate the nuanced circumstance that apparently required intervention ‘a la ‘X’ case. But no, the route to Belfast had to be taken – and matters expedited there . . .
She went on to have a stellar career in high-end fashion (not exactly Miranda Priestly’s in the Devil wears Prada), but enough for Ireland. She married the chap who was the father of the ‘Royal canal baby’, and passed away several decades later after a marriage made in heaven. That man (now 86) still visits her grave three times a day, nearly twenty years after her passing.
Oh, and by the way, I am the matter that was ‘expedited’ in Belfast . . . thank God

Martin says December 24, 2018

And there she was in the local obstetrician’s office (over 5 decades ago), fraught with the prospect of having twins in a few days: she already had children (and went on to have nine). Anyway, the obstetrician went on say that there was a ‘normal and a small’ twin presentation – and that the ‘lesser’ twin was both significantly ‘insulted’ by lack of growth, and also gave indications of serious foetal abnormality – albeit the detection technology was comparatively primitive back then. Anyway, the lesser twin was under 2lbs. The mother was advised to let the ‘lesser’ twin ‘go’, such that the ‘normal’ baby would thrive. She told obstetrician to back off, and two weeks later the child was born (weighting 2 lbs, with serious hearing complications), and was anointed five time – just to be sure. She’s just celebrated 30 years as my wife, and is a mother now herself.

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