Tantric massage is often confused with erotic massage. Yet there’s a huge difference between the two. Do you know what it is?  

Understanding this can ensure you get to choose the experience that’s best for you. 

Tantra Massage. 

Tantra massage affirms you as a loving, powerful expression of divine life-force energy in a sacred male body. It offers you an embodied experience of this reality. After which, your life will never be the same again. 

Because you’ll awaken to a deep knowing that…

  • Your sexuality is an integral part of your human experience, not to be split off or denied but celebrated and rejoiced in. 
  • You’re a spiritual being having this human experience and that your sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet, the creative energy of life. 
  • When this energy flows freely, naturally, connected to your heart and awareness, you feel empowered and in alignment with nature, with the cosmos.

Yet there’s been a denial of the above in our world for centuries, resulting in a deep and painful fragmentation both individually and collectively. 

Every (authentic, conscious) Tantric massage that takes place anywhere, anytime, contributes to the healing of the core wound on our planet, which is the split between sex and spirit, and the genitals and the heart.

The Chakra System

A clear illustration of the difference between erotic massage and Tantric massage may be seen through the lens of the chakra system.

A chakra is a centre of energy within the subtle body. In the classic chakra model there are 7 main chakras, going from the root to the crown.

There’s a wealth of information online if you wish to research this fascinating subject, but for the purpose of our exploration here I shall stick to the question at hand.

While some assert that it’s the 1st chakra that influences sexuality, others the 2nd, this short article gives a concise explanation of why in fact both do.

the chakra system

In brief, chakras 1-3, (the lower ones) are associated with physicality, survival, sexuality, creativity, connection to the earth, personal will and ego.

The heart chakra, the 4th, is the gateway between the lower and higher chakras. This is the centre of love, kindness and compassion. And I believe, courage, because it’s easy to live with an open mind, but it takes courage to live with an open heart. The word ‘courage’ derives from the French ‘coeur’ which means ‘heart’.

Chakras 5-7 (the higher ones) are connected with clear communication, awareness, vision, insight and opening to higher consciousness.

Tantra Massage And The Chakra System

Tantra massage could be described as an experience involving chakras 1 to 7.

Because in a Tantra massage, your sexual energy is encouraged to flow up from the lower energy centres, through the heart centre, into the higher chakras and every cell in your body.

So you can have an embodied experience of your sexual energy connected with your heart and ecstatically surging through your entire being. 

Tantra - To Expand And To Liberate!

Did you know that the root of the word ‘Tantra’ means ‘to expand and to liberate’?

So what are you being liberated from in a Tantra massage?

  • Any crazy notion that your sexual energy is separate from the divine.
  • The lie that your lingam and heart aren’t intimately connected. 
  • Any disempowering dialogue between your mind and genitals, that bypasses the love and wisdom held in your heart and belly.
  • Anxieties about your body shape, size or condition.
  • A sense of feeling tense or embarrassed in relation to your sexuality.

In addition, fear, guilt and shame around your sexuality, which you may have carried for decades, may begin to loosen its grip.

A Profoundly Healing And Empowering Process

A Tantric massage can be a profoundly healing and empowering process. One that can set you on a journey of awakening to a more delightful, easy relationship to your sexuality than you ever imagined possible. Regardless of your age or circumstances.

It offers you an actual real experience of how your sexual energy, aligned with your heart and awareness, can bring you into a deep intimacy with yourself; to a sense of vibrant, alive, sensual wholeness.

Apart from the personal benefits of the above, this is a wonderful foundation on which to build a loving, intimate relationship with another.

While a Tantric massage honours the presence and expression of the Divine within both giver and receiver, and sees each body as a unique divine landscape, divine ground, this consciousness is not part of an erotic massage.

Erotic Massage

A good erotic massage can be a delicious experience. One that needs no justification.

Even so, erotic massage is often marketed as, and considered to be synonymous with Tantra massage.

But there’s a world of difference.

The term ‘erotic massage’ covers a wide spectrum of experiences. From a wonderful unhurried experience of sensual delight, with an empathic, warm-hearted giver, to the rub and tug “get them in, get them off, and get them out” establishments.

And everything in between.

Erotic Massage And The Chakra System

Going back to our chakra model; while an erotic massage given with love may open the heart centre, there’s no conscious intention to integrate sexual energy with the heart and awareness.

Nor to heal the sexual/spiritual, heart/genital split, which is the root cause of much of the sexual dissatisfaction prevalent in our culture today.

While an erotic massage may be extremely pleasurable in the moment, the sexual energy is usually held in the lower chakras, and then lost through ejaculation.

An erotic massage doesn’t involve the conscious expansion of sexual energy. Or the movement of this into the higher chakras.

It’s function is not to enhance an individual’s sexual/spiritual evolution.

Or self-intimacy, which is a wonderful foundation for intimacy with another.

Nor for the receiver to have an embodied experience of the exquisite connection between body, mind, heart, sex and soul.

The end goal of erotic massage is the release of sexual tension.

Not the cultivation and powerful integration of sexual energy with the heart and soul. 

So, erotic massage could be described as a physical/sexual experience involving chakras 1 to 3.

While an authentic Tantric massage offers physical/sexual/spiritual/emotional fulfilment through chakras 1 to 7.

So if you simply want an erotic experience, or the relief of sexual tension or frustration, an erotic massage is likely to be the perfect choice for you.

But if you want to experience the healing, loving touch, intimacy and evolution that Tantra massage can offer you, be aware that many erotic massage providers now incorrectly call their service ‘Tantra massage’. 

So it’s wise to peer behind the veil of what’s on offer if you want a conscious, respectful, whole-being Tantric experience. 

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