Erotic Massage or Tantra Massage – What’s The Difference?

Erotic MassageErotic Massage

Erotic massage usually offers sensual, sexual pleasure and relief of sexual tension. Divine Ground Tantra Massage in Dublin offers you a different experience. The unmatched pleasure of experiencing your sacred sexual life-force energy expand through every cell of your being. In a powerful embodied way. To integrate this potent energy with your mind, body, heart and soul in an ecstatic transformative union.

An erotic massage session can take anything from 30 minutes upwards. A Divine Ground Tantra Massage session is 2 or 3 hours in duration.

Erotic Massage And The “Happy Ending”

Erotic massage often ends in ejaculation, the proverbial ‘happy ending’. Most men believe that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing. They’re not. They’re two separate events that tend to occur simultaneously. The primary way that men lose energy is through ejaculation. With Divine Ground Tantra Massage and some home exercises between sessions, you can learn to have whole body orgasms without ejaculation. Why settle for a fraction of the pleasure you’re capable of experiencing? When you can learn to live from a place of power around your sexuality, which includes having ejaculatory choice.

Become The Master Of Your Sexual Energy

Divine Ground Tantra Massage supports you in becoming the master of your sexual energy rather than living as a slave to it. Encouraging you to live authentically and powerfully. To experience the integration of your heart, body, mind, sex and spirit. And have the fulfilling relationships and deep intimate connections that you deserve.

Eventually, you may find you can make love for as long as you wish, in a relaxed way. That you can let go of performance anxiety or fear of ejaculating too soon. This has enormous benefits for your intimate relationships and your own happiness and confidence.

An erotic massage if it’s little more than a quick rub down and hand relief may have little respect or regard for the sacredness of your sexuality. For your emotional self or for any vulnerability you may feel around your sexuality.

Expand And Liberate Your Sexual Energy

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a truly holistic experience. One that’s grounded in the embodied connection between your sexuality and spirituality. That integrates all parts of your being; heart, mind, body and soul. The root of the word Tantra are two Sanskrit words which mean ‘to expand’ and ‘to liberate’. Divine Ground Tantra Massage expands and liberates your sexual energy to be a powerful, potent, positive force in your life.

Is Erotic Massage Addictive?

The ‘buzz’ that often goes with erotic massage can become addictive in the same way that any mind or mood altering substance or behaviour can be. Divine Ground Tantra Massage provokes feelings of deep emotional, physical and spiritual fulfilment. It does not feed that addictive dynamic.

Erotic Massage And The Breath

Erotic massage places little or no importance on the breath. In Divine Ground Tantra Massage the breath is hugely important. It’s the breath that carries the energy and facilitates its movement through the body. The breath you will learn in these sessions can be used to greatly enhance self-pleasuring and lovemaking. It can also be used most effectively for helping you deal with stress.

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