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Post last updated on 17th October 2019.

Erotic Massage

The type of erotic massage which is nothing more than a quick rub-down and ‘happy ending’ is often confused with Tantra massage. I provide men with a mature, authentic Tantra massage in Dublin. What’s truly erotic expands your consciousness. Enlivens you. It touches your heart and soul and connects you with the divine within. I’m often asked,

“What’s the difference between erotic massage and Tantra massage?”

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a different experience to the erotic/tantra massage that some Dublin practitioners typically offer. It’s an erotic, healing, sensual/spiritual holistic massage of unconditional love and heavenly touch. It can take you deep into the bliss of your own being. It’s deeply respectful and honouring of your whole person.

Erotic Massage – Can It Take You Where You Want To Go?

Erotic massage  includes a lingam (penis) massage. Lingam massage is also part of a Divine Ground Tantra Massage which is practised with both giver and receiver in the nude. However, the goal is not fleeting, superficial sexual gratification like in a typical erotic massage.  Instead, it’s to integrate your powerful sexual energy with your heart, body, mind and soul. To empower you to experience your sexual energy as the pure divine life-force energy it surely is.

Divine Ground Tantra massage is an effective, embodied way to heal sexual and emotional pain, and expand through pleasure. It also challenges what our society teaches is the culmination of male sexual pleasure. Most men have no idea of what they’re capable of experiencing sensually and settle for way too little. Are you missing out on the ecstasy that’s your birthright?

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    Abi O'Donovan says July 18, 2016

    If you’d like to make an appointment please access your free information pack at the end of this page Tantra Massage – A Taste Of Heaven in which you will discover what really happens during a Divine Ground Tantra Massage session, how to prepare to get the most from your experience, fees, location, how to book, and a special bonus, 3 Red Hot Ways Tantra Massage Can Revitalise Your Relationship And Bring Passion Back To Your Bedroom! Thanks, Abi

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