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How Can I Be Sure I Won’t Ejaculate As Soon As I Receive Intimate Touch?


If you're worried about ejaculating as soon as you receive intimate touch in a Divine Ground Tantra Massage,

The good news is...


Ejaculating Too Quickly

That's highly unlikely to happen for all the reasons mentioned here.

  • Do you tend to ejaculate almost as soon as you penetrate in lovemaking?
  • Have you tried a few ways to overcome this issue but found nothing that's worked, so far?
  • Even if your partner (if you have one) says she doesn't mind, do you feel bad for her? Or do you shy away from getting into a new relationship because of this problem?
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It's Wise To Take A Longer Term View

If so, it's wise to take a longer term view and to realise that overcoming this problem is a process - not a singular event.

​Yes, you can turn everything around, and quicker than you may think if you're committed to doing so.

Now I'm going to be straight up with you...

Some men have crazy ideas that 1 or 2 Tantra massages can fix all this. That's not the case. Here's what's true. 

Now I'm sure you're not one of these. I hope not anyway!

So the good news is...

If you want to overcome this problem, you absolutely can. 

But not in the way that you might think.

Certainly not by lying back screaming "Fix Me!" 

But by committing to doing some Divine Ground Tantra home play, and this on your own, daily, for a duration of 20 minutes.

By this I don't mean boring exercises that you may have tried before. That didn't work.

I mean a tried and tested method that works if you work it.

Pat's Mind-blowing Experience

But rather than wax eloquent about all this, why don't I tell you about Pat's mind-blowing experience?

Pat (not his real name) in his mid fifties, came to see me for a Divine Ground Tantra Massage.

The moment he received lingam touch, he ejaculated. Saying that he was embarrassed does not come close to describing how he felt in that moment.

It does happens sometimes.

I did my best to reassure him that it was nothing to worry about and that there was a way to conquer this problem.

I suggested to Pat he do the home play I'd suggest to you. He promised to do this every day. Then he came back for a 2nd appointment a month later, insisting that he'd not missed a day.

Are you sitting down? You should be...

He enjoyed a 55 minute lingam massage. 55 minute!

While having a full erection. And without ejaculating!

He was ecstatic. As you might imagine.

And had that lingam massage gone on for another hour or two he still wouldn't have ejaculated.

What happened? How could he go from Quick Draw McGraw to Laidback Larry in such a short space of time? 

Autmn leaves and rocks

Fully Present In Relaxed Arousal

He'd learned what it was to be fully present, in relaxed arousal. And had practised it until that became his new default.

He had 2 Tantra massages, but it wasn't what happened in the sessions that made the difference. But what he learned and what he practiced between them.

Shortly after this, he got into a new relationship. And for the first time in his life, he enjoyed lovemaking as the wondrous experience he'd dreamed it could be.

This was accomplished without anxiety, or going around in circles in his head, being afraid of what might (or might not) happen, all the time fearing the inevitable. That was all gone.

So to answer the question, how can I be sure I won't ejaculate as soon as I receive intimate touch?

You can't be sure. But don't worry about it. If it happens it may open a door for you. Like it did for Pat.

Is that what you'd love?


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