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Even if you really enjoy Christmas, it can be a tough time.

With ever more pressing tight schedules and deadlines. Having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I made the 2 minute video below some time back, and if anything it’s even more relevant today.

Would You Love To…

  • Let go of all the demands, stresses and strains of life for a while?
  • Surrender into feeling nurtured and nourished by slow, sensuous, healing touch that your entire body can melt into?
  • Feel your sexual/spiritual life-force energy flow powerfully through every cell in your body taking you deep into ecstasy and bliss?

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is the ultimate experience in holistic sensuality. A delectable indulgence in bliss. The sensual, transformational and deeply healing process you’ve been searching for.

Are You Close To Running On Empty Right Now?

If you’re like most men you’ve a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You give a lot. Do you feel near the end of the year that you’re close to running on empty right now?

To be able to keep giving you need to take time out to receive. You need to replenish your own well so that you can generously give with a full and joyful heart.

Christmas and the time around it can be an intense time. It can also feel quite a lonely time.

Or you may feel under pressure trying to live up to the expectations and agendas of others. Which if you’re not managing your own stress too well can more easily throw you into overwhelm.

Men are poor at recognising stress compared to women. You can have a physical symptom caused by stress, like a pain in your neck or shoulder, men will talk about the pain but don’t equate it to the fact that’s how they hold their stress. While women will connect with others and seek support for their stress, men will just talk about pains and aches.
Dr. Eddie Murphy – Stress management expert.

Do You…

  • Need a boost of energy?
  • Want to feel more relaxed, dynamic and vibrant?
  • Desire to feel deeply fulfilled and radiant within?

Then going into 2020, give yourself the gift of a heavenly Divine Ground Tantra Massage. It will leave you feeling magnificent; better able to enjoy the season and spring into a New Year invigorated.

To book, first access your essential information through the shortcut below. In which you’ll discover – What happens in a Divine Ground Tantra massage session, fees, location, how to prepare etc. Then give me a call on the number you’ll find inside. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, joyful Christmas,
Abi x

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