February 3

Will I Be Treated With Dignity And Respect During A Tantra Massage?


Do you worry about what you might encounter when you go for a Tantra massage?

When you want to be able to relax and really enjoy the experience...


Not to mention get something valuable from it that can benefit your life afterwards.

Dignity And Respect Are At The Heart Of Divine Ground Tantra Massage

Dignity and respect are at the very heart of Divine Ground Tantra. Built into its DNA. 

In Divine Ground Tantra Massage all parts of your being are acknowledged as sacred. 

Your body, mind, heart, soul, sex and spirit are expressions of divine life-force energy and so held in reverence as such.

Each cell like each organ in your body has a function. Divine Ground Tantra doesn’t support the notion that “This part of your body is acceptable, this isn’t."

Divine Ground Tantra Massage isn’t a form of body worship but a sacred ritual. One which can expand and liberate you from all the nonsense you grew up through and any ideas you may hold about being separate from the divine. 

Or from any notion of your sexual energy being shameful. When in truth it’s one of your gr​​eatest gifts.

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Not All Tantra Massage Is The Same

Yet be aware that what’s sometimes described as Tantra massage is not Tantra massage, and dignity and respect aren't on the menu. Some men have been shaken by their experience with some frauds.

I've had four Tantra massage sessions with Abi. Each time I go deeper into myself. I’m amazed at her deep respect for me and at what’s happening in my life as a result.

Male client, 52

Co. Dublin

Call any practitioner you're considering working with and ask a couple of questions of them? Is the person you're speaking to the person who'll actually be giving the massage?

How do they speak to you on the phone? With respect, warmth, kindness or do they sound cold, brusque or unpleasant?

Very often a 1 minute phone call will give you a good sense of how you're likely to be treated once there. Pay attention to what you feel in your gut about that. Dismiss it's wisdom at your peril.

In a Divine Ground Tantra Massage you won't have to worry about being treated with dignity and respect because that will be an intrinsic part of your experience.


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