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I am a mature, experienced, professional, authentic Tantra practitioner. I very much welcome respectful enquiries for Divine Ground Tantra coaching and Tantra massage, from men who are genuinely seeking... 

Abi O'Donovan Tantra Dublin
  • Healing
  • Pleasure
  • To enhance current or future intimate relationships
  • To reduce sexual performance anxiety
  • A natural way to overcome premature ejaculation or erectile dissatisfaction
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • To reduce stress through a combination of breathwork, meditation and receiving conscious touch
  • To overcome unhealthy fear, guilt or shame around sexuality arising from earlier conditioning or experiences
  • A compassionate way to achieve freedom from compulsive porn consumption
  • An embodied experience of the integration of body, mind, heart, sex and soul

Booking Process

Covid-19 Update, August 2020

I am temporarily closed.

While I regret that I can't offer you an appointment at the moment, if you'd like to be one of the first to avail of one when I resume, simply access your essential information below now.

Those who've already accessed this information (which is a pre-requisite for booking a Tantra massage with me), and those who do so at this time, will be given priority for bookings when appointments are available again.

I look forward to seeing you, hopefully soon.

Best regards,

P.S. If you'd like to call me to introduce yourself, you'll find my phone number in this essential information. Thank you so much.

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N.B. I am a legitimate, professional Tantra practitioner. I have a ZERO tolerance policy on any requests for any sexual services. DO NOT CONTACT ME with such requests.

If you would like to email me please do so at: abi at integratesexandspirit dot com or through the form below, thank you:

I check emails daily and will respond as soon as possible.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you soon,