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What Happens If I Can’t Get An Erection In A Divine Ground Tantra Massage?


Has it happened to you already? That you've not got an erection in a situation where you believed you 'should'?


Expectations, Erections And Divine Ground Tantra Massage

Which describes you best...

1) You have an expectation that in a Tantra massage you 'should' get an erection? That you'd put yourself under pressure to get one as a result, and feel bad if you didn't?

2) You've had one or more experiences of not being able to have an erection. You want to get back your confidence and prove to yourself that there's no problem. Yet there's a fear lurking in the back of your mind that there may be.

3) You no longer get erections due to medication or a previous surgery, or some medical condition, or you haven't had an erection in a long time.

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Is Tantra Massage Only For Men Who Have Erections Easily?

Do you wonder...

  • Is this only for men who have erections easily? Is there any point in my going if that's not me?
  • Is this going to be a complete waste of time and money if I go and I don't get an erection?
  • What am I going to get out of the experience if I don't get an erection?
  • Will it prove there really is something wrong with me if I don't, in this situation where I think I 'should'?
  • Will I upset or offend my massage therapist if I can't show the response I think I should?
  • How will I deal with the embarrassment or shame if I can't get an erection during a Tantra massage?
  • Will this confirm my worst fears, that I have a problem if I don't get an erection here?

Are you coming for a Tantra massage with any sense of testing yourself to see if you can get an erection?

Now gently ask yourself...

Has worrying or being anxious about getting an erection ever produced one for you?

Have you noticed how the harder you try to will or force an erection, the more elusive it becomes? 

Nothing will chase an erection away like your mind trying to bully your body into producing one.

Erections run from expectations like a hare runs from the hounds. Fast.

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In A Divine Ground Tantra Massage There Is No Expectation On You To Get An Erection

Yes, you read that right....

In a Divine Ground Tantra massage, there is no expectation on you to get an erection. 

So what happens if you don't get an erection depends completely on what's going on in your own mind...

  • If you think you 'should'.
  • What you're telling yourself.
  • What your expectations of yourself are.

It depends on the false assumptions you have about what Tantra massage is and on whether you're using Tantra massage as another way to torture or tor​​ment yourself; as a way to beat yourself up for your body not doing what your mind demands.

Your Inner Intelligence And Your Erection

Right now as you read this, you're not thinking about how much blood is being pumped through your heart, or how much Vitamin C is being extracted from what you've eaten so far today?

Have you any idea what the cubic capacity of air your lungs are processing in this moment?

No? Yet you trust that there's an incredible intelligence in your body that does know. An intelligence that your mind isn't trying to dictate to. You probably wouldn't survive long if it did!

So can you trust that if you don't have an erection during a Tantra massage that's perfectly o.k? 

What if the intelligence of your being wants you to have an experience of pure receiving? What if it knows you're exhausted and an erection isn't going to serve your highest good right now?

What if having an experience of being 'soft' may not be what you want, but it's exactly what you need?

crystal heart in snow

Too many men live with a limited and limiting view of their sexuality - a view that's sadly endorsed and promoted by popular culture. 

If you're ready to expand beyond this, to liberate yourself, grab your Divine Ground Tantra Massage essential information today.

Let your journey into freedom begin.


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