Benefits of Tantra massage

Divine Ground Tantra Massage can: 

1) Deeply relax you.

2) Take you deep into a powerful experience of the bliss of your own being. 

3) “All power comes from within”. It can empower you by bringing you into connection with the divine within; your true essence and source of power. 

4) Assist you in detaching for a while from all that drains you of power,  and give you a space from which you may gain a new perspective on issues that trouble you.

5) Enable you to experience states of greater relaxation and higher arousal simultaneously – this means that over time you can learn to make love for as long as you want in a way that’s extremely satisfying and pleasurable to you. 

6) Help you to make love for longer in a relaxed way without struggling to control your ejaculation.

7) Illustrate the difference between orgasm and ejaculation – most men think they’re the same thing. They’re not, they’re two separate events that tend to happen simultaneously!

8) Over time and with some ‘homework’ between sessions help you to become multiply orgasmic.

9) Introduce you to a powerful way to breathe that you can use in everyday life for effectively relieving stress, grounding and energizing yourself.

10) Integrate all parts of your being; sexual, spiritual, emotional, heart, body, mind and soul – this means that you can live as the powerful co-creator with the divine force that you truly are. The recognition and acknowledgment of this truth can have far-reaching effects in every area of your life.

11) Take you deep into the mystery and awesomeness of your own being. Everyone is ultimately looking for themselves. The true recognition of your diamond self can give you a deep and unshakable sense of confidence in yourself and what you bring to the world.

12) Help you to make more money in your business. When you’re feeling relaxed and powerful you tend to make better business decisions. You come across stronger in negotiations with others as your potent sexual energy, the most powerful energy on the planet, is harnessed and utilized to manifest your goals and dreams.

13) Ensure you can keep contributing in the way you wish to your family and community without feeling drained or eventually feeling resentful. You probably give a lot in your life and have a lot of responsibility weighing on you. You may do much for others, sometimes without being aware of just how much you give. It’s a universal law that a balance is maintained in every system. In order to give you must receive. In Divine Ground Tantra Massage you receive deeply and the state of fulfilment you feel is a great foundation from which to keep giving with a joyful heart.

14) Alleviate performance anxiety, the scourge of true intimacy and root cause of many so-called sexual problems.

15) Help with premature ejaculation – over time and with the consistent practice of homework between sessions.

16) Give you a feeling of coming ‘home’ to yourself, easing any pain of loneliness you may feel.

17) Restore your confidence, especially after a painful relationship break-up.

18) Facilitate a spontaneous healing of old hurts that have haunted you for years, perhaps decades.

19) Meet your normal, natural need for nourishing, loving, respectful conscious touch in a safe and supportive environment. This is a basic human need that there is no need to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. If you have a desire for this it means you’re human, which is a beautiful thing.

20) Assist you to experience your sexuality as a beautiful, natural, innocent and integral part of your life.

21) Help you to heal any fear, guilt and shame conditioning you may have been carrying your whole life regarding your sexuality, whether consciously or unconsciously.

22) Give you an embodied experience of your powerful sacred sexual life-force energy surging though every cell in your body, healing any split between sexuality and spirituality, totally dispelling the myth in a tangible way that human sexuality isn’t spiritual.

23) Integrate your powerful, potent sacred sexual life-force energy with your heart. Sexual energy that’s not integrated with the heart can be cold, hard and manipulative and cause a sense of separation or a feeling that something is missing within you. This integration is at the root of the most powerful, ecstatic, cosmic sexual expansive experiences. That ‘something more’ that your wise heart keeps pulling you towards. The heart is the most powerful organ in the body. The magnetic field of the heart is much more powerful than the mind. Fully feeling the energy of that genital/heart connection can bring a new vibrancy to your life and restore your enthusiasm for living.

24) Change your energetic vibration that makes you much more attractive. Everything is energy and when you’re living an integrated life in which sexual energy permeates every area of your life you’ll find there’s a spring in your step, you feel more vital, alive, confident; qualities that are tremendously attractive.

25) Initiate a new and way more satisfying relationship with your own sexuality that goes way beyond what most men settle for.

26) Empower you to have the deeper, more loving, satisfying and fulfilling relationships your heart and soul long for.

27) Reveal how the way you may have habitually self-pleasured your whole life has greatly reduced the amount of pleasure you are capable of experiencing and can lead to some of the more common sexual problems that plague so many men today.

28) Teach you a way to self-pleasure that can not only give you immense joy and satisfaction but help you to make love to a woman in a way that is far more fulfilling and satisfying for both of you.

29) Reduce any addiction to ejaculation that has limited your capacity to experience expanded states of bliss and ecstasy.

30) At its most simple, provide you with a warm, nurturing, truly holistic experience in which you feel loved, appreciated and respected, and leave feeling fulfilled, energised, revitalised and on top of the world.

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What Is Tantra Massage?
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