I help mature men to experience inner peace & more meaningful sex & relationships

  • Is sexual performance anxiety a problem for you?
  • Do you sometimes feel you’re just going through the motions during sex?
  • That you're more in your head than in your body when making love?
  • And you wonder if you'll ever enjoy a deeply fulfilling emotional, intimate sexual connection with a woman?
  • Is erectile dissatisfaction a worry for you?
  • Do you ever wonder why sometimes you just can’t ‘perform’?
  • Or worry about whether you can please your partner well enough, or last long enough?
  • Does the thought “I hope this isn’t going to be like the last time” play on your mind before lovemaking?

The problem isn’t that you don’t ‘perform’ well enough in bed. That’s a lie that keeps you trapped in the situation you’re in now.

The problem is that most of what you learned about sex is wrong!

If you feel embarrassed, anxious. lacking in confidence and think every other man has it together in bed but you, you’re not alone.

Yet because there’s such a silence, a taboo, on men speaking openly about their real experiences of love, sex and intimate relationships, many men, just like you, suffer in silence.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Imagine if you could...

  • Let go of the stress that flares up when you think of being physically intimate with a woman.
  • Feel genuine excitement rather than gut-wrenching fear when you get closer to intimacy.
  • Be fully present in your body when making love.
  • Relax and truly enjoy lovemaking without ever having to worry about your 'performance'.
  • Be fully IN the experience, moment by moment.
  • Trust your body's innate wisdom and learn to flow with it.
  • Experience and share more pleasure than you ever thought possible.
  • Give a woman the one thing she craves (that a man worried about his 'performance' never can). Hint; it's not an orgasm, a huge cock, being able to last for hours, or any of the things that many men believe.

Hi, I'm Abi, and until recently (until covid came along) I practised Divine Ground Tantra massage for almost 7 years. After a couple of years in practice I came to a startling realisation...

Abi O'Donovan Divine Ground Tantra

That the current epidemic of so-called sexual dysfunction, fear of intimacy, sexless marriages, and the anxiety so many men have around sex owes much to a belief in a number of myths and lies woven into our culture today.

So many men live within a culturally accepted burnout and breakdown model of male sexuality.

And as a result, have never experienced the sheer joy and innocent bliss of their sexuality that was their birthright.

Isn't it time you did?

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