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What Happens During A Divine Ground Tantra Massage For Women?

For any woman seeking a Tantra massage experience, I highly recommend Mick Sawtell. As I’m no longer offering Tantra Massage For Women. He’s the practitioner I’ve been receiving Tantra massage from for years. He’s fabulous.

I made this little video with Mick recently to introduce him to you…

Tantra Massage For Women – Is It For You?

Going for a Tantra massage can be a big step for a woman to take. You may have all sorts of doubts and fears come up. Questions like “What happens during a Tantra massage? Am I doing the right thing? What would so and so say if they knew?”

This Is Your Life

But this is your life to live. No-one knows what your heart desires but you. What you yearn for; what would be deeply fulfilling to you.

Do you feel any sense of aloneness and separation which limits your ability to truly open up? This can happen whether you’re in a relationship or not. What do you need to feel safe enough to take this wall down and let love in?

Let Go Into Bliss

If you find it difficult to relax into orgasm, have you a desire now to turn that around? To let go of all the tension in your body and surrender into pleasure, bliss, joy? For these to become natural states of being for you?

You may feel it’s time now to explore how Tantra massage could open up this whole new world for you.

Is It A Pull Or A Push?

But it is important that you never push yourself into something that doesn’t feel right to you. It needs to feel more like a pull than a push. What do I mean by that?

I learned this from the wonderful Dr. Betty Martin. This is for when you’re thinking of doing something that’s outside your normal zone of comfort. And let’s face it, a first time Tantra massage for many women, and men, would fit that criteria.

You think about whatever it is that you’re thinking of doing. Then listen to what you say to yourself about it…

This Is What A Pull Feels Like

“Ooh, that’s sounds a bit edgy. I’m not sure. It is a bit exciting though. What would it be like to experience? What difference might it make to my life? I’m nervous, but my excitement and my curiousity are greater than my nervousness right now.”

This Is What A Push Feels Like

“That sounds scary. I don’t know about this. But I’ve been feeling stuck for so long. I really should go for it. I’m nervous about it but I know that’s all resistance. I should push through it and go for it. It’s silly to have all this resistance.”

What’s True For You?

So which of the above sounds more like where you’re at right now? There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s just noticing what’s true for you.

If it feels like a pull, there may be some more information you need before making a decision. There may be a baby step you need to take.

A clue that it may be time for you to move forward is when something keeps coming around, again and again.

If it feels like a push, don’t go there. Resistance is there for a reason. Honour it. You can take a wall down brick by brick, or bulldoze it down. The first way may take a little longer but it’s a lot easier and doesn’t make such a mess!

Would You Prefer To Go To A Woman?

Now you might be reading this and thinking “I’d prefer to go to a woman / I’d feel safer with a woman.” Let’s explore that. In doing so, I’ll share with you one of the reasons why I’m no longer offering Tantra massage to women.

Practicing Tantra Massage

I’ve been practicing Tantra massage as a profession for over four years at the time of writing. In this time 99% of my clients have been men. I didn’t plan it that way. It’s just how it happened.

However, I enjoy working with men. I’ve been very grateful for the opportunity to work with the fabulous men I have to date. I look forward to continuing to do so.

In all this time I’ve been receiving Tantra massage from Mick Sawtell on a regular basis myself.

Enrich Your Life Beyond Measure

Mick Sawtell Tantra TLCNow, here’s the thing, I know I can’t provide the same experience to a woman that I’ve had with Mick on many occasions. The sort of experience that enriches a woman’s life beyond measure. That which I would love you to have if you’re considering Tantra massage as an option for you. In fact, that which I’d love as many women as possible to experience. A man holding a safe space which can allow you to go deep into yourself. Where you can discover there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not broken. You’re perfect as you are.

Sexual Healing

What creates massive sexual healing for a heterosexual woman is to have a man be fully present to you. To hold a safe space for you. One in which you can release emotions that you may have buried for years, decades. All you’ve held within, afraid you’d be rejected or shamed for. That which has stood in the way of your having the juicy, intimate relationship you long for.

Would You Feel Safer With A Woman?

Of course it makes sense on one level to think that you’d feel safer with a woman. But here’s a question, are the issues you’re dealing with arising in a relationship with a woman or a man? Are they issues you’d like to deal with before getting into a new relationship with a man?

Break The Spell

If so, consider there’s only so far you can go with a woman. When you find you can be safe, you are safe, with a man, that changes everything. Because when you can feel safe within yourself with a man you break a spell that’s had a powerful hold over you. So powerful that this alone would ensure you forever stay on the outside looking in. Wondering how relationships seem to work for other women but not for you.

It’s the spell, the lie, that says men are dangerous. That it’s not safe to be vulnerable with a man. Intimacy and vulnerability go together like a hand in a glove. Vulnerability is not weakness. It’s a precious revealing of your tender self.

Feel Safe Within Yourself

Some men can’t hold a space for it, that’s true. You may have had relationships with men like that in the past. Didn’t we all? But once you can feel safe within yourself with a man, something changes. Then you know what that feels like deep in your body.

Your vibration shifts and you start to attract those men who want to know you all the way through. Who don’t want the mask, the protection you once thought you needed to survive. Now you’re visible, free, available to show up in all your glory. Of which your beautiful vulnerability is a precious part.

I wish you well. Mick’s website is


'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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