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Very Special Summer Offer 2019

Summer 2019Do you know what makes the difference between having a totally profound, transformative Divine Ground Tantra Massage™ experience and having just a so-so one?

I’ve given hundreds of Tantra massage sessions over the past 5.5 years. In this time I’ve observed a couple of factors that make all the difference:

1) That you breathe as guided.

This Tantric breath charges your being with pure life-force energy while relieving your mind and body of accumulated stress and tension.

In your everyday life you may find you spend much of your time thinking, in what’s called the Beta brainwave state. This is the normal waking state in which you’re actively engaged in what’s going on around you.

If you have a stressful job or stress of any kind is getting the better of you, and you find it hard to switch off, you may spend more time in what’s called high-Beta, the stress zone.

To Function At Your Optimum Level

To function at your optimum level you need to give your overworked brain a break from time to time!

During the meditation that’s an integral part of a Divine Ground Tantra massage session, you’re gently guided to use your breath to consciously connect with your body. The incredible field of intelligence that your culture has encouraged you to disconnect from in favour of living in the head. When the brain and body are out of balance, stress is a normal result.

As you breathe into and connect with various energy centres in your body during the meditation, it’s quite normal for your usually overactive mind to soon become peaceful, at ease, still. And for you to surrender into a deep state of relaxation and ease.

2) That you relax.

If you breathe as guided, relaxation tends to naturally and effortlessly follow as you enter into the more peaceful brainwave state of Alpha, and sometimes Theta. These are natural states of deep physical and mental relaxation, insight, and enhanced creativity. They are nature’s antidote to stress.

Normally, every night before you fall asleep you go from Beta to Alpha. Then into Theta as you wind down before entering the Delta state of sleep. The reverse happens each morning.

Do You Find It Hard To Relax?

Many men report that doing the Lingam Love Meditation before falling asleep helps them to relax, unwind and sleep much better. Do you find it hard to switch off in the evening? You may if in a high-Beta, high stress state. This meditation can be an effective and very pleasurable way to let go of the tension and move into a natural, more calm Alpha or Theta state.

This meditation is preparation par excellence for a Divine Ground Tantra massage.

Divine Ground Tantra massage is much more than a massage. It’s an experience. One in which slow, sensual touch opens up energy channels in your being.

This combined with your breath can take you deep into experiencing the bliss of your own being. In this state, stress melts away completely.

Further into the session you’ll be gently guided to use your breath to merge your powerful, potent sexual energy (the most powerful energy on the planet) with your heart centre energy of love, compassion and courage. Using your breath to pull the energy out of your pelvis (that’s often otherwise expended in ejaculation), up to your heart centre, and out into every cell in your being to nurture, nourish and enliven every cell.

Would You Love To Feel More Whole, Alive And Integrated?

At the close of your session you may find yourself feeling that exquisite sense of being relaxed yet energised at the same time. Feeling more whole, alive and integrated than you’ve ever felt before.

You’ll discover in your session how to incorporate this breath into your daily life. So you can bring yourself back into presence at any moment, and access those deeper states of authentic power, ease and relaxation at will.

So what prevents one from having this type of experience?

  • Refusing to breathe as guided.
  • Having an inner unresolved conflict about going for Tantra massage.
  • Being so nervous that one is unable to relax – it does occasionally happen that one needs to have that first session to be able to relax enough the second time around.
  • Feelings of fear, shame or guilt. (This may be connected with an upbringing in which anything regarding sexuality or nudity was taboo.)


  • Not giving the experience the time and attention that would help you to get the most from it.

Are you thinking you’ll try to squeeze in an appointment before or after a business meeting or event? Or when you’re coming up to Dublin on some other business? If so, here’s why that may not be the best plan:

It may appear to make logical sense to book an appointment when you’re going to be in Dublin anyway. Or if you’re on your way to or from some other event. In reality that may make it more difficult for you to really switch off, be fully present and get the most from your session.

Where attention flows energy goes. If all your energy isn’t present, in the room, you’ll be energetically divided. Part of you will be there. Part of you will be elsewhere.

It will be virtually impossible to get all the benefits you can from a Divine Ground Tantra massage session if only part of you is there!

I have clients who visit me from all parts of the country. As one who visits me regularly from the West so wisely said, “You can’t make this secondary to anything else”. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

So, I’m making you a Very Special Summer Offer. You’ll find full details of this in the Divine Ground Tantra massage essential information here…

Are you off work over a weekend, or on holiday this August? Then why not gift yourself the time to really get the most from your heavenly Divine Ground Tantra massage experience? And make it a summer to remember?



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