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Tantric Bathing Ceremony Followed By Tantra Massage

Tantra bathing ceremonyThe Divine Ground Tantra Sensual Bathing Ceremony

This is the perfect way to float into feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and invigorated. Sacred bathing rituals are associated with the ancient Goddess cultures and are centuries old.

Many traditions around the world today have some form of ritual that water is an essential element of. The one that comes most easily to mind in our culture perhaps is baptism. Water is a potent symbol of life. It has the symbolic power to purify, invigorate, renew and transform. From conception to birth you spent the first nine months of your existence surrounded by water.

Feel Renewed And Invigorated

In this VIP sensual bathing ceremony you let float away whatever you may be carrying in life that no longer serves you. You’ll emerge from the water feeling renewed and invigorated. What makes any ritual sacred is the intention that is brought to it. In this ritual you will be invited to tune in to the untapped divine wisdom and intelligence within your own being and set an intention for:

  • What you would like to leave in the water. What you’re done with, what no longer serves your life path. You’ll be invited to drop some lavender oil into the water which carries your intention to let go of all this. You may have a desire to let go of anything from a thought pattern, a pattern of self-defeating behaviour, lack of confidence, anxiety or stress. Or it could be a relationship, a work or living situation that isn’t supporting you. You can trust your own divine wisdom to guide you in this.
  • What you’d like to emerge from the water with. What would be truly fulfilling and invigorating to you? What would you love to have manifest in your life? You’ll be invited to drop some rose oil into the water that you charge with this intention. Rose oil is the most feminine of all the essential oils. It powerfully opens the heart chakra, the seat of abundance, love, compassion and joy.

You’ll then be invited to step into the water. To surrender your entire being to being lovingly and sensuously bathed. This is the ultimate way to float away every bit of stress from your body. Perfumed oils are used along with rich bathing oils. You will feel as though your body is being bathed in liquid silk while being touched with radiant tenderness. You will emerge from the water renewed and invigorated, reborn to yourself.

The Ultimate Way To Float Away Stress

An exquisite Tantra massage follows the bathing ritual. If you’re someone who would love to just let go, surrender into the deepest bliss, yet you find it hard to do so, the Divine Ground Tantra Sensual Bathing Ceremony is absolutely the perfect answer for you. The bathing ritual will float away every bit of stress from your body and the slow sensuous touch of hot oil flowing over your entire body in the massage will leave you feeling magnificent inside and out.

You’ll Feel As Though You’re In Another World

The Divine Ground Tantra VIP Sensual Bathing Ceremony followed by an exquisite Tantra massage takes place in an exclusive, very discreet location in the Wicklow Hills. This purpose built luxurious suite includes a large double bath. This is big enough for both of us, so you can totally yield to the incredible sensation of being lovingly held in the warm scented water before we move into the adjoining massage room. It’s only an hour out from Dublin yet this 3 hour VIP Divine Ground Tantra experience will leave you feeling truly as though you’re in another world.

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