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Tantra Massage For Women

woman-in-nature--rev-cropped-rcTantra Massage For Women

  • Are you ready to experience deep bliss, profound joy and a feeling of being fully ‘in’ your body?
  • Is it time for you to awaken to the true beauty, radiance and power of your sacred sexual energy to transform your life and relationships?
  • Would you love to enjoy delightful sensual pleasure in a safe, sacred and respectful way?

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a safe and sensual way for you to enjoy the luscious, exquisite, expansive experience of your sacred sexual energy that your body, mind and soul is longing for.

Pleasure Is Your Birthright

Your capacity to experience pleasure is immense. It’s an expression of your divine feminine energy, moving, living and breathing within you. Yet you may not be aware of this. If you grew up learning to fear and mistrust pleasure, you may fear your own desires and mistrust yourself. Cut off from your true nature you may at times find yourself asking “What’s wrong with me?” If you’ve ever felt broken, frustrated, or like a stranger in your own body, you’re not alone.

Your body is designed to experience pleasure. It’s your birthright and a path to living a truly empowered life.  Love, joy, creativity, great sex and fulfilling relationships are synonymous with pleasure. The lies you’ve been fed all your life that were designed to disconnect you from the divine ground of your being and the true beauty and power of your sexuality are the problem, not you.

There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With You

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you. So how about you stop questioning yourself, torturing yourself, and start questioning what you’ve been programmed to believe instead?

Religious and societal programming may have had a devastating effect on your life and relationships to date. Yet none of that is stronger than your spirit within. If you have the desire and a strong intention to experience deep emotional, spiritual and sexual fulfilment, you can. True wholeness is the alignment and integration of your sexual energy with your body, heart, mind and soul.

The Pain Of Your Soul Loss

Our culture exalts the masculine values of rational, logical thinking, along with doing and action taking. The feminine values of feeling, intuition and BEing are debased. The society you live in has never encouraged you to be true to your deepest self. The emotional pain of living adrift from your own shore hurts. You may be attempting to lessen the pain by numbing out, putting on a front that everything is ok, deadening yourself, sexually accommodating your partner, becoming addicted to drama or compulsive behaviours and substances to lessen the pain of your soul loss.

Come Home To Yourself

It’s time to come home to yourself. To feel your sexual/spiritual energy flowing through your body free from repression, fear, guilt, shame, coercion or denial. To reconnect with the divine ground of your own being.

When you do this you’ll no longer be so easily controlled or manipulated. Your pattern of people pleasing in relationships will diminish. The fear of being seen as who you truly are, the feeling of loneliness, that there’s something missing in your life, or that you’re somehow not good enough, or broken, will ease.

A Pleasure Seeking Being

We were created as pleasure seeking beings. The human female is the only species to have an organ whose sole purpose is pleasure. Next time you start to question if it’s ok to experience as much pleasure as you can handle, remember that you were designed to do so. Your right to feel exquisite pleasure has been built into your biology!

Divine Ground Tantra Massage

Divine Ground Tantra Massage is a sacred sensual healing ritual. A path to connect you with your bliss and bring you home to yourself. A safe way for you to explore your capacity to enjoy your sexual/spiritual connection. A way for you to open to the divine within you through conscious, loving, healing touch. The deep meaningful relationship with another that you long for starts with you having that relationship with yourself. Now is your time.

Would You Love To…

  • Totally melt into your own bliss
  • Feel at ease and at home in your body
  • Feel happy with and confident about your sexuality
  • Let go of old patterns of sexual dependency before bringing in a new partner
  • Feel any old patterns of fear, guilt and shame lose their hold on you
  • Step into and fully own your sexual power
  • Feel peaceful, free and whole

Experience Wholeness, Ecstasy and Joy

Are you ready to jump in to the juicy vibrant relationship with your entire being that your soul is longing for? In any moment of decision the choice is between the new exciting or the old familiar, and you already know where that takes you. The path to true wholeness, ecstasy, authentic power and joy can be challenging. It may not be for you, yet if you don’t put a foot on the path you’ll never know. One thing’s for sure, nothing changes if nothing changes.

As I’m no longer offering Tantra massage to women I recommend Mick Sawtell at

For more on why I recommend him and to watch the 3 minute video I made with him recently go to

'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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