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Tantra Massage For Men

Tantra Massage Dublin 2019

Is Soul-ful Intimacy Missing In Your Life?

Divine Ground Tantra™ massage therapy is a beautiful experience in which your entire body is consciously touched with…

  • Love
  • Presence
  • Warmth
  • Respect
  • Tenderness

Would You Love To Experience…

  • Your authentic sexuality being joyfully accepted as a natural part of you.
  • Being able to totally let go and surrender to your own bliss, knowing you’re emotionally and physically held safe.
  • The ease that comes with switching off your stress for a couple of hours.
  • All the exquisite pleasure in your body that’s your birthright to experience.
  • The profound joy that comes with integrating your heart, body, mind, sex and spirit.

Would You Love To Meet The World With Renewed Vigour?

  • Even if you have a successful career or business, you may sometimes find yourself wondering “Is this all there is”?
  • Do you ever have the sense that something’s missing in your life or you feel you’re losing your mojo?
  • Are you secretly afraid of dying without experiencing the sexual/sensual pleasure that the deepest part of you knows is possible?

Divine Ground Tantra massage is a delicious encounter with the sacredness of your sexuality. In which you can touch the truth of your being, that you are a magnificent expression of the divine life-force in a sacred male body. It’s a radical act of self-love and self-empowerment to reclaim your divine right to the pleasure and the power of connecting deeply with your own sacred sexual life-force energy. One that can lead to profound change and transformation in every area of your life.

“Having those two sessions with Abi has had an extremely positive effect on me. It has opened a whole new chapter in my life… People I’ve known for years are asking me what I’m on! My energy levels and confidence are soaring. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning and meet the world with renewed vigour once again.” Male client 67, Galway.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage Makes You A Better Lover

Divine Ground Tantra massage therapy can fulfil your normal, natural human need for sensual, nurturing touch. And open a door to a new, healthier, and way more satisfying relationship with your own sexuality. What’s more it can significantly improve the quality of intimacy in your relationship with your partner.

“Tantra massage meets you on many different levels, spiritually, sexually, emotionally. It frees and heals you. It opens you in a healthy way to enjoy sex more, to have a greater experience of orgasm. I’m grateful for the benefits it has brought to my relationship so far. When I feel satisfied it makes me a better lover.” Male client 50, Cork.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage IS For You If You…

  • Would love to have a healthy, vibrant, holistic, confident relationship with your sexuality, regardless of what it’s been like in the past.
  • Know it’s time now to heal the fear, guilt and shame from your early religious or societal conditioning that inhibits the full healthy expression of your sexuality today.
  • Had your confidence crushed during past relationships or break-ups and want to get it back.
  • Desire to feel nurtured and held during a time of grief or loss.
  • Experience a lack of connection, pleasure, touch and emotional intimacy, and you’d love to feel your entire body being touched with kindness.
  • Are experiencing what can be symptoms of misaligned sexual energy such as porn addiction, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Have an open heart and would love to have an embodied experience of the integration of your heart, body, mind, sex and spirit.
  • Yearn to heal body shame; especially that related to penis size or shape.
  • Would love to let go of performance anxiety and experience a deep, relaxed, satisfying intimacy with the one you love instead.

Divine Ground Tantra Massage Is NOT For You If…

  • You’re looking for a happy ending massage.
  • You want a sexual massage that is purely physical, that doesn’t consciously involve the emotional and spiritual aspects of your being.
  • You’re looking for a one hour session.
  • You’ve no interest in exploring your sexuality as a path of personal and spiritual growth.
  • You’re merely curious about Tantra massage.

Is It Selfish To Go For Tantra Massage?

Now you may be wondering “Is it a bit selfish to think of going for a Tantra massage when there are so many other demands on my time and money?” The truth is that self-care and self-nurture are vital to you being the best partner, parent, friend, manager or business owner you can be. You probably give a lot and have a lot of responsibility weighing on you. Do you know it’s a universal law that a balance is maintained in every system? Therefore, in order to truly give, you must receive. In fact, the most unselfish thing you can do for those you love is to make your self-care a priority.

Your nearest graveyard is full of men who worked themselves to death, thinking they were indispensable. The reality is, if you don’t take care of you, the day may come too soon when you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Will you be wise and embrace your life in all its magnificent glory before then? After all, you won’t get a second chance!

“I found Abi very easy to talk to, open and understanding. The atmosphere she creates is relaxing and comfortable. I found my confidence returning and my sense of self-empowerment grow with each session. Each time I went deeper into myself. I’m amazed at her deep respect for me and at what’s been happening in my life as a result.” Male client 52, Dublin.

How Tantra Massage Can Help With Performance Anxiety

Divine Ground Tantra massage is the ultimate in self-care. It’s a full 2 or 3 hours where you take time out to let go into your own bliss. It’s a gentle, sensual massage of heavenly touch that deeply honours your entire being, body and soul. As you relax and receive deeply, you’ll naturally learn to relax more when you’re with your partner. In addition, you’ll greatly lessen any tendency towards coming too soon, or performance anxiety, which is the scourge of true intimacy.

“Even though I had discussed it and knew what to expect on the day, I was still a little nervous going to my first session. From the first minute Abi made me feel very comfortable…In the days following the massage I had more energy and the whole experience had given me such a lift… Abi is a beautiful woman and a such a professional in what she does.” Male client 38, Co. Kerry.

Would You Love To…

  • Completely let go into heavenly touch and unconditional love
  • Calm your mind and open up to your divine life-force energy moving through your body
  • Go deep into an exquisite experience of your own bliss as this energy bathes every cell in your body
  • Feel that profound sense of going ‘home’ to your true self

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Nothing hurts like the pain of regret. Two of the saddest phrases in the English language are “too late” and “if only”. Don’t wait for a life-threatening illness or some tragedy to wake you up to the truth that life is short. Your sexuality is a core part of your being and the time to celebrate and enjoy it is right now while you can.

“I can’t believe that I waited until I’m 65 to experience this” Male client, 65, Dublin.

Something deep in your soul knows you deserve to live more fully; answer your soul’s craving to unlock all the love, bliss, and ecstasy within you now.

How To Book…

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'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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