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Sex And Intimacy Coaching

Sex And Intimacy Coaching In Dublin

Your Relationship To Your Sexuality Affects Every Area Of Your Life.Inner marriage

Would you love to:

  • Feel empowered and confident around your sexuality?
  • Have more blissful sensual and sexual experiences?
  • Let go of any fear, shame or guilt left over from past conditioning or experiences?
  • Have rich, rewarding, sexually delightful relationships?
  • Open up to all the pleasure, joy, love, bliss and ecstasy that is your birthright?

Your relationship with your sexuality affects every area of your life. Finding yourself stressed, frustrated, depleted or feeling like there’s something missing in your life means it’s time to pay attention to yours!

Maybe you’ve never really felt comfortable about your sexuality?

You’ve never known it as the divine gift it was meant to be in your life?

Have you shied away from relationships, connection and intimacy?

And know now that life’s too short to keep living like this?

Or had lots of sex but not felt deeply intimate with anyone? You can have sex with many people yet be intimate with no-one, not even yourself. This feeling can be intensely painful and isolating.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

While having an embodied experience of feeling your sexual energy flowing through your entire being in a Divine Ground Tantra massage can sometimes be all you need to feel fully alive again, Divine Ground Tantra Sex and Intimacy Coaching is a way to powerfully transform your core relationship  with your sexuality and so transform your life. Is it time for you to…

  • Experience the delightful beauty and power of your own erotic nature
  • Enjoy the delicious unfolding of a new powerful relationship to your own sexuality
  • Experience heights of pleasure and satisfaction in relationships that up to now you thought only happened to others

Why would you choose to live with limitation and the pain of what doesn’t work when so much expansion is waiting for you to embrace!

There’s one question I’m often asked about Divine Ground Tantra Sex And Intimacy Coaching. “What does it involve?”

That depends on what you’re bringing to the sessions and what you want to get from them.

Are you...

  • Holding back in or from relationships, because you’re crippled by a lack of confidence?
  • Troubled by erectile dissatisfaction, or not being able to last as long as you want to in bed?
  • Anxious about your sexual performance?
  • Finding little joy or satisfaction from sex? Feeling like you’re just going through the motions and you want it to be much more than that?
  • Feeling unsure about how to please a woman and you’d love to know?
  • Recovering from a crushing break-up that left you devastated and despondent?
  • Under pressure to have sex in a relationship, that you don’t want to have?
  • In a sexless marriage where there’s no touch or affection, no intimacy?
  • Finding yourself drawn to exploring alternative lifestyles or shadow aspects of your sexuality?
  • Intent on meeting the ‘One’? Yet after a string of disappointing encounters you wonder if it will ever happen for you?
  • Feeling guilt, remorse or regret over some past sexual behaviour?
  • Finding that you can’t seem to shake off that old religious conditioning around sex?
  • Questioning your sexual orientation?
  • Feeling isolated and lonely? Longing for a meaningful connection with another?
  • Confused about pleasure? Of course you want to experience it. Yet there’s a little devil on your shoulder telling you it’s wrong. Then when you do, the guilt and feeling bad takes all the joy out of it for you.
  • Feeling a bit stuck, flat? Not knowing what you want?

Or maybe you’re thinking about coming for a Divine Ground Tantra Massage? And you’d like to spend some time with me before making your mind up about it?

So what the coaching involves depends very much on what you’re coming with. Which as you can see from the above can be anything!

Divine Ground Tantra Sex and Intimacy Coaching is a non-judgmental space where you can freely share the stuff you feel you can’t elsewhere. If you’ve been bottling up emotions, secrets, for years, being able to speak them out in a safe space can be freeing. Healing.

Overcome Performance Anxiety

In performance anxiety you’re disconnected from your body. How much of the time when you’re making love do you find yourself thinking about what happened last time? Hoping it won’t happen again? If so, you’re carrying the dead weight of your past and projecting it into your future. Even if it’s only 5 minutes into the future!

If you want to have  great sex you need to be present. This is something you’ll learn how to do in these sessions. And that will have a profoundly positive affect of every other area of your life, and do wonders for your confidence.

What these sex and intimacy coaching sessions rarely include initially is teaching you techniques. Because techniques can cause trouble! If you believe that learning new techniques will solve the problem, it won’t. On the contrary, simply learning new techniques can increase performance anxiety. Because you’ll then have to worry about whether you’re doing something right, or not.

Instead, Divine Ground Tantra Sex And Intimacy Coaching sessions will teach you how to make real sex and intimacy truly enjoyable for you and your partner.

When you’re thinking about whether you’ve got a technique right, you’re up in your head. Because of this you’ll be disconnected from your body. This will only create further anxiety. And also a feeling of disconnection and distance between you and your partner.

Besides, what’s the point of learning a technique to perfection? Especially if then you discover your partner hates it! Wouldn’t it be much more valuable to learn how to know what your partner wants, in any moment? Even if her desires change every time you’re together? That’s what you’ll learn in Divine Ground Tantra Sex And Intimacy Coaching.


These sex and intimacy coaching sessions don’t often include touch. But they can include non-sexual touch if you wish. So this can be a great place to experiment with the dynamics of giving, receiving, taking and allowing. And experiencing the difference between these.

A prerequisite to great sex is being fully present. This is one of the most important things you’ll learn how to do in the coaching sessions. Because this will also benefit every other area of your life. And indeed calm any stress too.

Your Sexuality As A Precious Gift

Also, these sessions give you space to let go of the negative beliefs that have been crippling you. That may have led you to miss out up to now on one of the great joys of life – A great relationship with your sexuality. And experiencing all the bliss, joy and power of that. With seeing your sexuality as a precious gift you can share with another.

Divine Ground Tantra Sex And Intimacy Coaching is not ‘sex therapy’. It’s ‘wholistic therapy’.

Your Sexual Energy Is Pure Life-force Energy

The core wound in our culture is the split between sex and spirit. And between the genitals and the heart. Your sexuality is an integral part of who you are. A core part of your being. In fact, your sexual energy is pure life-force energy. If you’re not in a relationship, or you’re not having sex, you still have a relationship to your sexuality. And that relationship affects every other area of your life.

It’s time for you to now…

  • Experience the delightful power of your own erotic nature
  • Enjoy the delicious unfolding of a new powerful relationship to your own sexuality
  • Experience heights of pleasure and satisfaction in relationships that up to now you thought only happened to others

Contact me today to book your first Divine Ground Tantra Sex And Intimacy Coaching session. (If you’re not in Dublin we can organise a Skype session.) And begin a whole new adventure. A whole new, more fulfilling relationship with your sexuality. Because your past does not equal your future. You only have this one life. After all, no matter what’s happened up to now, today is a new day. You can begin again.

Would you love to melt into receiving more sensual touch? Then why not explore Divine Ground Tantra Massage here.

'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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