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How To Turn Drama Into Fulfilment In 5 Minutes Or Less

Getting Caught Up In Drama Our world is fuelled by drama. Even the so-called news these days has to be dramatic. Everyone gets caught up in drama from time to time. Or in other peoples’ drama. Does It Serve You? Only you can answer this question for yourself. Creating drama around any difficult or stressful situation […]

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Erotic Massage Dublin? Awaken To Something New!

Post last updated on 25th September 2018. Erotic Massage The type of erotic massage which is nothing more than a quick rub-down and ‘happy ending’ is often confused with Tantra massage. I provide men with a mature, authentic Tantra massage in Dublin. What’s truly erotic expands your consciousness. Enlivens you. It touches your heart and soul and […]

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Pleasure Is The New Holy – Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi

Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi, senior faculty with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) on why pleasure is the new holy. “Pleasure is the thread that ties all the worlds together. In the Tree of Life pleasure is connected to the highest potential. Pleasure is a gateway to spirit. Pleasure is a vehicle that one can […]

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The Healing Power Of Anger

Anger is an emotion that’s despised in our culture. If you were taught from an early age to feel shame around having anger or expressing it, you may have pushed it underground. Anger is an emotion that few people want to own. The fear of being rejected or ostracised for honestly owning anger is huge. […]

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Reverence Is The New Sexy!

Everyone loves to feel good in themselves, to receive a compliment, to feel they’re loved, cherished and adored just as they are. When we feel, expect and project reverence (which means to regard or treat with deep respect) we acknowledge the presence of the divine within us and within the miracle of the other who […]

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Why Sex Needs To Be On The Holistic Health Agenda

The core wound in our culture is the separation between sex and spirit. Authentic power is found in the integration of both. Sexually empowered people who revel in their juicy physicality, aligned with their hearts, minds and souls are not easily controlled. The suppression and repression of sexuality, of pleasure, has been used as a […]

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Sensuality Is A Foundation For Our Authority

“If we learn to trust our senses, our capacities to touch, taste, smell, hear, see and thereby know, they can teach us what is good and what is bad, what is real and what is false, for us in relation to one another and to the earth and cosmos…sensuality is a foundation for our authority.” So […]

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'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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