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When men perform and women please

When Men Perform And Women Please, No-one Connects

“I want to improve my sexual performance” is an aspiration shared by many men. Unfortunately it’s rarely recognised that ‘performing’ makes true intimacy impossible. Alongside ‘pleasing’ it’s one of the greatest obstacles to it. Intimacy arises out of ‘being’. It is experienced in being truly present to what IS and to what arises in each […]

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A Sane Way to World Peace

A sane way to world peace is for every human being on the planet to own the violence within themselves. To have no need to create enemies to project their violence onto. No need to create scapegoats for what we refuse to own within ourselves. The Definition Of Insanity What perpetuates violence is the foolish […]

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3 Easy Ways To Enjoy More Sensuality Today

When I awoke this morning and felt the soft sheets against my skin, I asked myself a question. “What would it be like to really receive these sheets that have caressed my body all night?” I felt into every pore of my skin. I noticed feeling into my skin, how the sheets that were a […]

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Sexually sovereign woman

Want To Be Sexually Sovereign? Then Stop Doing This Now!

A sexually sovereign being will never engage in a connection with another without their mind, heart, gut and genitals all being in alignment with “Yes”. A Sexually Sovereign Man A sexually sovereign man will never have sex with a woman because it’s expected or he thinks it’s expected of him. Or because he has some […]

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How Self-sovereign Or Self-abandoned Are You?

Self-sovereignty at its most profound and most simple means to live from your own core. It’s a state of living authentically and powerfully. With deep integrity to your own consciously chosen values. Apologising to no-one for who you are. In self-sovereignty you decide what and who you choose to invest your time, energy and resources […]

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sexual performance

The 1 Word That’s Destroying Your Sex Life

Words have power. What you tell yourself on a daily basis can either help you or harm you. One word has the power to destroy your sex life. It ensures no true intimacy with your partner is possible. It can cause you endless worry and anxiety, which can then affect other areas of your life. […]

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can you touch me

Can You Touch Me?

Can you touch me with so much presence that I feel your soul in your touch? With so much presence that we know in that moment all life is condensed in our divine flesh? Can you touch me with so much presence that time stands still, mocking the absurdity of endeavour? With so much presence that […]

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'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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