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Snow, Death, And The Surefire Path To Courage

I meant to take photographs of my garden in the snow last week. Of a magical wonderland with snow settled on the branches of the trees. But I missed the chance. The next morning I got up to naked branches again. A thaw had set in overnight. In a few hours the garden transformed to […]

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2018 – The Year Of Dissolving The Lie

2017 was a tumultuous year for me. One which saw the birth of three new grandchildren (including twins), the death of my mother, and a serious accident befalling a close family member. On top of all that I’d to move out of my home for a couple of months to allow for some major building […]

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Tantra Massage Scam – The 7 Deadly Signs

“I wanted a massage, not a blow-job!” Authentic Tantra massage is nothing like the massage parlour sexcapade it’s often portrayed as! On the contrary, it’s a blissful, beautiful and respectful, body, mind and soul experience. Discover in this post…   1) Sexual Objectification Tantra massage is a beautiful holistic experience of the integration of your heart, […]

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5 Things I Would Say To A New Lover

So much anxiety is generated in the bedroom by unspoken assumptions. By unasked and unanswered questions. And by destructive cultural myths that have become accepted as truth. It’s so much easier to take off our clothes than the invisible armour we wear, whether we’re conscious of that or not. Some Time Ago I recall some […]

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3 Reasons Why You Need Alone Time Each Day

Do you get enough alone time each day? Alone time, if you fully surrender to the lushness and depth of it, can be one of the best and wisest investments you can make today. 1) Alone Time Is A Health Strategy One of the essential survival skills of the 21st Century is being able to […]

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The Disease Of Reasonable: What’s Its True Cost To You Today?

There is a peculiar affliction that humans in society suffer from, the disease of reasonable. Rarely are individuals encouraged to be authentic, daring and inspiring. Instead, polite society tends to put being ‘reasonable’ high on its list of desirable virtues. Nothing Great Was Ever Created Out Of It Reasonable should rhyme with tepid, insipid, and […]

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'Anxiety' refers to the sexual performance anxiety that many men experience. If you have or think you may have an anxiety disorder please see an appropriately qualified health professional.


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