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Dissolve Christmas Stress With Divine Ground Tantra Massage

Would You Love To: Divine Ground Tantra Massage is the ultimate experience in holistic sensuality. A delectable indulgence in bliss. The sensual, transformational and deeply healing process you’ve been searching for. If you’re like most men you’ve a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You give a lot. Do you sometimes you feel like you’re […]

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Tantra Massage Scam In Dublin – The 7 Deadly Signs

Tantra massage can be a blissful, powerful and profound experience. Discover in this post… “I wanted a massage, not a blow-job!” So How Do You Avoid Being The Victim Of A Tantra Massage Scam? Many people offer erotic or sensual massage and various sexual services. However, some are creating confusion by calling this Tantra. This is […]

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5 Things I Would Say To A New Lover

So much anxiety is generated in the bedroom by unspoken assumptions. By unasked and unanswered questions. And by destructive cultural myths that have become accepted as truth. It’s so much easier to take off our clothes than the invisible armour we wear, whether we’re conscious of that or not. Some Time Ago I recall some […]

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Do You Get Enough Alone Time?

Seriously, do you get enough alone time? Alone time, if you fully surrender to the lushness and depth of it, can be one of the best and wisest investments you can make today. Alone Time As A Health Strategy One of the essential survival skills of the 21st Century is being able to unplug from […]

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warrior woman

The Disease Of Reasonable: What’s Its True Cost To You Today?

There is a peculiar affliction that humans in society suffer from, the disease of reasonable. Rarely are individuals encouraged to be authentic, daring and inspiring. Instead, polite society tends to put being ‘reasonable’ high on its list of desirable virtues. Nothing Great Was Ever Created Out Of It Reasonable should rhyme with tepid, insipid, and […]

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When men perform and women please

When Men Perform And Women Please, No-one Connects

“I want to improve my sexual performance” is an aspiration shared by many men. Unfortunately it’s rarely recognised that ‘performing’ makes true intimacy impossible. Alongside ‘pleasing’ it’s one of the greatest obstacles to it. Intimacy arises out of ‘being’. It is experienced in being truly present to what IS and to what arises in each […]

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A Sane Way to World Peace

A sane way to world peace is for every human being on the planet to own the violence within themselves. To have no need to create enemies to project their violence onto. No need to create scapegoats for what we refuse to own within ourselves. The Definition Of Insanity What perpetuates violence is the foolish […]

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3 Easy Ways To Enjoy More Sensuality Today

When I awoke this morning and felt the soft sheets against my skin, I asked myself a question “What would it be like to really receive these sheets that have caressed my body all night?” I felt into every pore of my skin. I noticed feeling into my skin how where the sheets were a […]

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