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Bliss Festival Ireland 2015

Are you coming to the Bliss Festival in Ireland this August? Promoting Sexual Freedom, Health and Pleasure in Mind, Body and Spirit. This year’s Bliss promises to be the best yet! Watch this two minute video to discover why I love this unique festival.

Bliss Festival – Catalyst For Change

Festivals throughout history have been catalysts for change. The Bliss Festival in Ireland is one of these. Your sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet. Churches and States throughout history have controlled sexuality knowing that when you control a peoples’ sexuality you control them. The Bliss Festival is one of the most important cultural, social and political events to take place in Ireland this year.

If you’re ready to expand into more of who you really are, this is one festival you won’t want to miss!

Narrow Water Castle, Bliss Festival venue

Bliss Summer Festival 2015 August 7th – 10th

Narrow Water Castle, Warrenpoint, Co Down
See for full details and booking

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