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Self-sovereignty – Ann’s Story

Ann grew into the sexually confident and self-sovereign woman she is today by having a strong desire, an intention and the willingness to… Ann always seemed to acquiesce to what her partner wanted. Not just in bed but in many areas of their relationship. She put more attention into pleasing him than discovering what would […]

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Self –abandonment – John’s Story

Feels He’s Lost His Mojo Life is generally good for John, who’s reasonably fit and healthy. At the age of 55 he’s accomplished a lot in his life. He’s grateful for opportunities that came his way and for how he made the most of them. Yet something’s missing in his life. He feels he’s lost […]

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Sexually sovereign woman

Want To Be Sexually Sovereign? Then Stop Doing This Now!

A sexually sovereign being will never engage in a connection with another without their mind, heart, gut and genitals all being in alignment with “Yes”. A Sexually Sovereign Man A sexually sovereign man will never have sex with a woman because it’s expected or he thinks it’s expected of him. Or because he has some […]

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How Self-sovereign Or Self-abandoned Are You?

Self-sovereignty at its most profound and most simple means to live from your own core. It’s a state of living authentically and powerfully. With deep integrity to your own consciously chosen values. Apologising to no-one for who you are. In self-sovereignty you decide what and who you choose to invest your time, energy and resources […]

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sexual performance

Is This One Word Destroying Your Sex Life?

Words have power. What you tell yourself on a daily basis can either help you or harm you. One word has the power to destroy your sex life. It ensures no true intimacy with your partner is possible. It can cause you endless worry and anxiety, which can then affect other areas of your life. […]

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can you touch me

Can You Touch Me?

Can you touch me with so much presence that I feel your soul in your touch? With so much presence that we know in that moment all life is condensed in our divine flesh? Can you touch me with so much presence that time stands still, mocking the absurdity of endeavour? With so much presence that […]

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what is tantra massage

What Is Tantra Massage?

If you ask a dozen different practitioners that question you’d probably get a dozen different answers! Tantra Massage dates back approximately 7,000 years. Numerous strands and schools of Tantra have developed since that time, all with their own unique flavour. You need to choose one that resonates for you. There’s no one-size fits all. To […]

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happy mature couple

7 Tantra Massage Secrets Every Man Should Know

Wondering what Tantra Massage could do for you? Here’s 7 little-known secrets about the benefits of Divine Ground Tantra Massage that may surprise you! 1) The Healing Power Of Divine Ground Tantra Massage Divine Ground Tantra Massage gives you an embodied experience of your powerful sacred sexual life-force energy surging though every cell in your body. […]

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Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage or Tantra Massage – What’s The Difference?

As I’ve only ever been asked this question by men I’m addressing this answer to men! Erotic Massage Erotic massage usually offers sensual, sexual pleasure and relief of sexual tension. Divine Ground Tantra Massage offers you the unmatched pleasure of experiencing your sacred sexual life-force energy expand through every cell of your being. In a […]

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